About this webinar

What’s the future of the workplace? 

Each way of working brings its benefits. Remote working helps many improve their work/life balance while coming to a physical workplace connects, motivates and inspires teams in a way no video call can. So how do we find a balance between the two to ensure our business and our people flourish in the New Working World?

To learn more, we talked to Tushar Agarwal, the Co-founder & CEO of HubbleHQ, a Forbes 30 under 30, and Amazon's Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Tushar shared his knowledge on:

  • Deep insights on the current state of the workplace
  • Trends from businesses who’ve shaken things up successfully 
  • What the future of the workplace could look like 
  • Practical advice on designing a workplace that helps your business and your people thrive

Plus, there'll be a live Q&A where you'll have a chance to ask him any questions!


What you can expect to learn

Deep workplaces insights

Current successful business trends

Future visions of the workplace

Live Q&A

Workplace design tips

Meet the speakers

Tushar Agarwal | Co-founder & CEO of HubbleHQ

Tushar Agarwal is the Co-founder & CEO of HubbleHQ. He was named one of Forbes 30 under 30 and nominated for Amazon's Young Entrepreneur of the Year. HubbleHQ is London's largest online marketplace for renting office space and has raised $9m in venture capital from JLL, Starwood Capital, and the technology investors behind Revolut and Zipcar. Tushar holds a degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and previously worked in M&A Investment Banking at Barclays and Greenhill & Co.