About this webinar

Rising costs continue to impact employees everywhere. The knock-on effect for businesses, their culture and their productivity is very real. According to a Gallup study, 77% of the global workforce is disengaged, and this costs the global economy $8.8tn. Meanwhile, a study of the UK workforce by Perkbox saw:

  • A third of employees say they felt less motivated to work hard due to a lack of support with rising costs
  • A third of employees admit to feeling jealous of colleagues who aren’t financially struggling
  • A quarter of employees say they were struggling to focus at work due to money stress

This webinar is packed with practical tips for supporting and motivating your people during tough times — helping you drive exceptional performance.


What you can expect to learn


The link between cost of living support and productivity


Tips for keeping people focused during tough times


Ways to incentivise top performance


How to strengthen culture and team spirit



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