With Perkbox your employees have access to:

Free online GP
Day and night appointments
Same-day prescriptions
Fitness discounts
24/7 wellbeing support

Free online GP day and night

It can take two weeks to get an appointment with a GP, keeping your employees absent for longer. Our platform gives employees day and night access to online GPs for free, making it easy to find an appointment without taking time off.

Free online GP day and night

Quick treatment for employees

Illness can lead to prolonged periods of time off work or a risk of it spreading to others if employees come in before it’s treated. Our same-day prescriptions delivered to the home, workplace or local pharmacy, providing employees with treatment sooner.

Quick treatment for employees

Prevent employee absence

Employees can suffer when they don't have support for their wellbeing. Our platform has a range of gym discounts, free online classes and equipment savings to help employees improve their wellbeing and prevent illness.

Prevent employee absence

Reduce staff stress

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to absenteeism. Our platform has access to a 24/7 employee assistance programme if your staff need support. There’s also access to online resources which help to ease financial and mental stress.

Reduce staff stress

Ready to tackle absenteeism & presenteeism?

Absenteeism & presenteeism resources


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Other areas we can help you in

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Hundreds of perks, freebies and discounts

recognition Recognition

Celebrate outstanding work company-wide

medical Perks

Free online GP, and prescription delivery