With Perkbox your company will get:

Values based recognition
Shared celebrations
Real-time feedback
Data-driven improvements
Closer team bonds

Rewards customised to company values

When your mission and values are bigger than a slogan on the wall, they’ll create a more meaningful company culture. Recognition through our platform is customised to your values so every time someone is recognised, they can see what their efforts mean to your business.

Rewards customised to company values

Share recognition company-wide

Recognition has a bigger impact on company culture when it’s made public and your entire workforce can share in the celebration. Our platform shows recognition company-wide on a feed which allows employees to comment on and celebrate each other’s success.

Share recognition company-wide

What employees really think

Culture is driven by the collective effort of your employees and when they’re unhappy, it suffers. Perkbox has a pulse survey tool which intelligently gathers regular feedback in real-time so you can resolve issues quickly and before they get bigger.

What employees really think

Bring your teams together

Happy teams embody their company’s values, even more so when they feel like family. Our platform has a range of budget enhancing benefits so managers can take their teams for lunch or celebratory drinks – and you’ll help the company save money.

Bring your teams together

Want to build a winning company culture?

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Other areas we can help you in

Positive employee experiences attract, engage and retain the best talent. Which area do you want to focus on?

Perkbox is the only all-in-one employee experience platform

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