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Free professional development
More from L&D budgets
Language learning
Reading resources
Financial education

Personalised professional development

Employees who develop professionally feel happier at work. Our platform has a range of free, discounted, and personalised courses which stretch learning and development budgets and bring new skill sets to your company.

Personalised professional development

Financial awareness and education

Helping your employees improve their financial wellbeing will allow them to bring a more positive mindset to work. Our platform provides 24/7 financial support as well as a range of tools designed to help employees make the most of their money.

Financial awareness and education

Books and resources for less

Having the right resources can make all the difference to a successful learning and development programme. On the Perkbox platform, employees get access to unlimited online reading libraries for less, as well as discounts on books from high street stores.

Books and resources for less

Language learning

Allowing employees to learn a language opens doors to new cultures and your business to new markets. Our platform gives employees exclusive access to leading language learning techniques for less.

Language learning

Want to invest in better learning and development?

Learning and development resources


360 degree feedback template + what you need to know


Panel Q&A: How can workplaces improve D&I in the New Working World?


New Working World


Learning new things, spending time with friends and having space to be creative are among the REAL reasons we come to work – and money is only SIXTH on our list of priorities, a study found.

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Celebrate outstanding work company-wide

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