With Perkbox your company will get:

Company-wide recognition
50+ motivational rewards
Shared celebration
Demotivator tracking
Closer team bonds

Celebrate a job well done

Employees feel more engaged at work when their efforts are recognised by senior leaders. Our platform gives managers the tools to publicly recognise hard work and give employees rewards with over 50 redemption options.

Celebrate a job well done

Peer-to-peer motivation

Receiving recognition means more when it comes directly from a colleague. Our platform allows employees to send a personalised thanks, posted company-wide. The whole workforce can comment on recognition being sent to celebrate each other’s efforts even more.

Peer-to-peer motivation

Find what motivates teams

When you know what’s demotivating your workforce you can make informed improvements to increase productivity. Perkbox has a survey tool which intelligently gathers feedback in real-time so you can see exactly what’s affecting your people.

Find what motivates teams

Bring teams closer together

Happy teams are motivated teams, even more so when they feel like family. Our platform has a range of budget enhancing benefits so managers can take their teams for lunch or celebratory drinks – and you’ll help the company save money.

Bring teams closer together

Want to motivate your employees?

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