With Perkbox your company will get:

Peer-to-peer recognition
Manager rewards
Interactive recognition feed
Over 50 reward options
Customised to your values

Build a culture of recognition

Receiving recognition from a manager or colleague makes an employee's efforts feel more worthwhile. Our platform allows your workforce to send personalised peer-to-peer recognition and receive monetary rewards of their choosing.

Build a culture of recognition

Rewards customised to values

When your mission and values are bigger than a slogan on the wall, they’ll mean more to your workforce. Our platform is customised to your values so every time someone is recognised, they can see how their efforts impact your mission.

Rewards customised to values

Celebrate company-wide

Being recognised has a bigger impact when it’s made public and your entire workforce can share in the celebration. Our platform shows employee recognition company-wide on a feed which allows employees to comment on and celebrate each other’s success.

Celebrate company-wide

Let people choose their rewards

Employees attach greater meaning to rewards which they’re able to choose for themselves. We provide over 50 redemption options from the biggest brands and give your people the choice to donate rewards to charity. You can also create rewards bespoke to your company.

Let people choose their rewards

Want to build a culture of recognition?

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