For employees, For employers How to nail your next office tea round in five minutes

The office tea round- an easy way to be in the cool gang, or the thankless task of interns and people-pleasers? We live in a nation where dunking the wrong kind of biscuit, or even dunking the right kind of…

For employees, For employers, Fun for the whole company The secret to making the most of your holiday this year

2017 is upon us: it’s time to escape. Here’s how to use your annual leave wisely. What is your annual leave? In the UK full time workers are legally entitled to 5.6 paid weeks a year off, or 28 days…

Uncategorized 4 ways to make your customer rewards stand out

With 3/4 loyalty programmes generating a return on investment, their value is undeniable. What, though, differentiates yours from all the others out there? The common misconception prevails, that: “A big cash reward, albeit at irregular intervals, works.” We are here…

Uncategorized Make Huge Savings In 2017 With This Simple Workplace Approach

According to a recent study by CIPD, a shocking 61% of UK employees are actively disengaged at work. Want to avoid falling into this category? The key to an engaged workforce is to make sure you are using the right…

Perkbox news Introducing Perkbox Family

Perkbox has a brand new initiative and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to share it with you all. Allow us to introduce the one and only… Perkbox Family! Everything you need to know: In line with our ongoing commitment…

Employee, For employers 10 revealing questions you should ask at interview

Candidates are getting smarter. Or are they just getting better at interviewing? Very often it’s the best interviewee that gets selected for a job, and not always necessarily the most suitable candidate. Candidates are preparing their answers like never before…

For employees The 7 types of Secret Santa present

You’ve just put your name in the Secret Santa hat. Whoever you draw, you’ll search high and low for that perfect present. You’ll remember the deadline. You’ll come in just under budget. And you’ll be convinced you’ve been original… We…

Employee, For employees, For employers We need to talk: We have a problem with emails

We send too many emails and spend too long answering them. Is the solution to ban them altogether? We spend a lot more time on interpersonal relationships than we do on actual tasks, and email is a mammoth proportion of this communication….

For employers Christmas checklist: 5 ways to treat your employees this year!

It’s the 1st of December: the sudden omnipresence of the word ‘Christmas’ signifies that the Yuletide is fast approaching. Unfortunately, employee motivation tends to drop at this time of year, with 28% of UK employees saying that they avoid taking on…