For employees, For employers Pets in the office: Productive superforce or pain in the neck?

In the last five years, the discussion around allowing dogs in the office has gotten louder and made more press than ever before. It’s even made it on the 101 Dalmatian’s twilight bark (probably): ‘Bring your dog to work day’…

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For employees, For employers Which Easter egg is best for your team?

With the glorious Bank Holiday fest up ahead, you might be inclined to celebrate and treat your team to a much-needed Easter Egg. According to a study by Wren Kitchens, children in the UK are expected to receive Easter Eggs…

For employees, For employers Are you worthy of your wearable?

Wearables are the name used to refer to the latest trend of wearable technologies that have become prevalent in many offices. It seems now that it is no longer just the resident gym bunny who sports one of these futuristic…

For employers 12 essential metrics all HR managers should be measuring

If the word ‘metrics’ makes you instantly recoil, conjuring up images of being knee deep in numbers, then fear not: we are here to help. Selected and measured correctly, metrics are your friend. They can help you to identify weaknesses…

For employees Drop the balancing act: How to manage to have a life when you’re working

For many, the dual concepts of work and life are a balancing act. Meaning: the notion of having a balance between work and life doesn’t exist- it’s an act. Balance, like a balanced diet or a less-than-exhilarating ‘Body Balance’ class,…

Employee, For employers 6 trends shaping the future of HR in 2017

With the end of 2016 nigh, reflections on the past year are rife. Join us as we map out what’s awaiting the world of HR in the coming year… 1) An increased focus on Learning and Development Millennials value personal…

Uncategorized HR: Putting people and business on an equal footing

In February this year, Shell announced job cuts totalling 10,000. The result? A jump in share prices of 7%. Back in October last year, similar effects rippled through the stock of Biogen, where news of 880 job losses resulted in…

For employees, For employers 5 reasons why your office needs a ping pong table

In case you were wondering, the idea for our ping pong competition was not plucked out of thin air. You only have to look at the offices at trendy tech companies like Google and Facebook to see that modern office…