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 We pooled a selection of our industry’s most prominent figures to narrow down the Perkbox Top 30 HR Influencers. To compile the list, we took a fine-tooth comb to the UK’s HR space. We looked for practitioners undertaking pivotal roles…

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 The human brain is a complicated thing. So bafflingly complex, that even in today’s scientifically enlightened age, there are still fundamental flaws in our understanding of the organ. However, as HR focuses its attention on wellbeing initiatives, employers might be…

Unlimited staff holidays doesn’t mean bosses have taken leave of their senses
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 Yes, it’s still November, but hear us out. For many organisations, effectiveness over the Christmas period is a good litmus test for overall performance – annual targets must be met and customer contracts renewed. Both, of course, require motivated workforces….

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Retention managers are up against it. Staying on the right side of economic shifts and technological advancements while meeting employee expectations is a feat that requires proactivity and foresight. But to prevent attrition, you must first understand why it happens….

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 For some companies the Christmas period brings collaboration and forward planning, for others it’s a time of skeleton staff and lapsed productivity. What separates the two is their approach to employee engagement, particularly over the festive period. By and large,…

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The link between employee engagement and business performance is now irrefutable, but the cultural norm of motivating workers beyond their pay check is a relatively new concept. When manual labour made up the best part of the job market, there…

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Definitions of employee engagement vary, but three consistent characteristics include realising employee potential, sharing organisational goals, and promoting employee wellbeing. Organisations that tick all three boxes tend to perform better and grow faster – Forbes goes as far as to…