Building stronger ties between your employees and your business can help you eliminate that job hunting itch

What makes an
engaged workforce?

When you’re trying to recruit for a position, it’s important to differentiate your company from the competition. Offering ‘perks of the job’ can help make you more attractive to some of the most in-demand candidates.

A perk is anything extra you offer employees in addition to their salary and wages.

Perks like money off in your employees’ favourite high street stores can represent real added value to your proposition but it’s important to offer a wide selection, to ensure that everyone’s tastes are catered for.

54% of China’s workforce have called in sick the day after a match.

How can awards motivate
your team?

A disengaged workforce generally comes hand-in-hand with high staff turnover, as unhappy employees look for more engaging work elsewhere.

High turnover means spending more time and money recruiting for new employees to replace the ones you’ve just lost. Not only that, you’ll also end up training your new recruits to meet your company’s standards.

Nurturing a more engaged workplace culture can help decrease turnover, dramatically reducing your recruitment costs.

What does Perkbox offer?

We can help you cut down on staff turnover, by providing your employees with hundreds of exclusive perks, rewards and more.

We work hard to build a tangible link between your business and the overall happiness of your employees, helping you boost engagement and retention.