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7 things to listen to on your commute

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Are you ‘infobese’?

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bank holiday
For employees, For employers How to cope with the Bank Holiday blues

That’s it until the 28 August. No more bank holidays. In the last six weeks you’ve had four public holidays – that’s more than one every other week. In all honesty, you’ve got more than a little used to working…

For employers 5 ways to solve the productivity puzzle

The Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) most recent labour productivity figures revealed that UK workers’ productivity has improved per hour by 1.2%, compared to the same time last year. According to the report, output per hour increased in Q4 2016…

holiday etiquette
Employee, For employees A guide to holiday etiquette

Need a holiday? Always, you say! You finally decide to go away, then Perkbox tells you that it’s an etiquette minefield?! Is it even worth it? Of course it is – holiday leave is there to be used. And nothing…

working day
For employees Structure your working day: 7 ways to leave on time

Sometimes, we go into work with a mission: maybe it’s to complete a project, to attend a big meeting or to ask for a payrise. But we rarely set one mission daily that is actually extremely important to our wellbeing:…

For employers UK firms struggling to secure talent before Brexit

Employers in the UK are struggling to fill roles, according to a report that suggests more difficulties will follow in the wake of Brexit. What does the research say? Research by Willis Towers Watson stated that UK HR and reward…

For employees, For employers Pets in the office: Productive superforce or pain in the neck?

In the last five years, the discussion around allowing dogs in the office has gotten louder and made more press than ever before. It’s even made it on the 101 Dalmatian’s twilight bark (probably): ‘Bring your dog to work day’…

office space
For employers How office space is becoming a deal-breaker for job seekers

You had me at hello, but you lost me at the avocado bathroom: 41% of people would reconsider a job offer if the office had bad or outdated décor. A recent study by retailer Furniture123 asked 1,014 part- and full-time…

annual leave
For employees, Perkbox news How to cope if you didn’t book annual leave this spring

The canny, the rapid and the downright cheekiest people in your workplace may have read our article on how to spend your annual leave. They will have calculated that you need only take off nine of your precious days in order…

recruiting trends
For employers Recruiting trends: What do candidates really want?

The most important factor when considering a new role was work-life balance, according to research by Hays UK. The Salary and Recruiting Trends 2017 report surveyed 6,531 employers and 10,055 employees from across the UK. It analysed common trends in…

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