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7 things to listen to on your commute

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Are you ‘infobese’?

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For employees Our biggest prize giveaway yet!

Ever dreamt of driving in the world’s fastest supercars? How about a romantic hot air balloon ride for two? Maybe you’d prefer a £200 gift voucher at a shopping outlet of your choice? Perkbox Surprizes is our brand spanking new,…

For employees A team member underperforming? There’s an interesting reason why.

The new season of The Apprentice has come to be, bringing us another set of unimaginable human beings competing in suits, with a combined arrogance that makes them seem like highly developed strain of Donald Trumps. Goat Eat Goat Yet…

For employers 5 actionable tips to cut down ‘sickies’ in the workplace

The cost of employees “pulling a sickie” has been placed at a staggering £9bn each year – with 1 in 3 employees admitting to having lied or exaggerated an illness in the past. The research by PWC shows the most…

For employers 5 creative onboarding practices top companies use to welcome new employees

The interviews have been concluded and the contracts signed. All that remains now is to onboard your new recruits. “Why?” you may ask. Well, the proof is in the pudding. Recent research shows that nearly 50% of millennials would appreciate…

For employees Making praise and recognition actually work

It’s no secret that both giving and receiving praise makes us feel good: we’re psychologically wired to function in a receive-give and give-receive kind of environment. When we feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in what we’ve achieved, our…

For employees 7 things to listen to on your commute

For the many millions of us doing it twice a day – maybe even right now— commuting isn’t a choice. You don’t choose to slog hours up and down and diagonally across the country to get to work.

For employees iPhone 7: your new best friend in the workplace

Pharrell Williams, James Corden and Tim Cook. What could possibly have brought these three to the centre of the world’s attention last week? The launch of the iPhone 7000 7, of course! Apple aficionados around the world smugly rejoiced, whilst…

For employers Get compliant- everything you need to know about the new workplace pensions law

Okay, it’s not ‘I have a dream’’, nor is it ‘one small step for man…’ , but it’s a big message, and one you really can’t ignore. What’s going on? For a long time, the government has been trying to…

For employees, For employers Are you ‘infobese’?

Here’s the challenge: read this article without being distracted by any notification that pops up on your screen. Do not answer the phone, reply to a message or check an email. Do you think you can do it? Information has…

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