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Engaged employees are 87% less likely to look for new jobs*
* Statistic taken from Corporate Leadership council
Talks and lectures Vanessa King - The Science of Happiness

Vanessa King on the psychology behind happiness and its importance in the workplace.

Talks and lectures Saurav Chopra - The Gamification of HR

Saurav Chopra, CEO and Co-founder at Perkbox, discusses the psychology behind introducing game concepts into workplaces.

Talks and lectures Henry Stewart - Let’s go create happy workplaces

Henry Stewart asks 'how would your organisation be different if the focus was making people feel good?’

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For employees, For employers Financial mindfulness… it’s a thing.

Mental health and mindfulness are super trendy topics of discussion right now. It’s all about being engaged, focused on the present moment, free of distraction, open-minded and calmly aware of one’s feelings and thoughts. Despite common belief, mindfulness isn’t just…

Pro-Brexit flags fly from a fishing boat moored in Ramsgate on June 13, 2016. 
Britain's opposition Labour Party today scrambled to make the case for Europe to its members as world stock markets slipped amid concern over a British exit from the EU in a knife-edge referendum next week. / AFP / CHRIS J RATCLIFFE        (Photo credit should read CHRIS J RATCLIFFE/AFP/Getty Images)
For employers Brexit: how to handle the bombshell that has shaken workplaces across the UK

The Brexit bombshell has shaken up the 2.2 million strong EU workforce in the UK and has thrown employees into what is quickly becoming a new political reality. Consider this: -9/10 Europeans working in the UK are concerned about Brexit…

For employers Get compliant- everything you need to know about the new workplace pensions law

Okay, it’s not ‘I have a dream’’, nor is it ‘one small step for man…’ , but it’s a big message, and one you really can’t ignore. What’s going on? For a long time, the government has been trying to…

For employees How Pokémon Go might actually boost productivity

You’re either playing Pokémon Go, or making a big deal about how cool you are because you’re absolutely not playing Pokémon Go. If you’re one of the former (and let’s face it, statistics say you are) you’re probably fed up…

For employees iPhone 7: your new best friend in the workplace

Pharrell Williams, James Corden and Tim Cook. What could possibly have brought these three to the centre of the world’s attention last week? The launch of the iPhone 7000 7, of course! Apple aficionados around the world smugly rejoiced, whilst…

For employees, For employers Keeping up with the financial wellbeing hype

What’s happening? New platforms are quickly invading the employee benefits and perks marketplace, changing the way employers are helping their team to manage financial wellbeing. But what’s all the fuss about? Physical and mental health have long been top of…

For employees 7 things to listen to on your commute

For the many millions of us doing it twice a day – maybe even right now— commuting isn’t a choice. You don’t choose to slog hours up and down and diagonally across the country to get to work.

For employees, For employers Are you ‘infobese’?

Here’s the challenge: read this article without being distracted by any notification that pops up on your screen. Do not answer the phone, reply to a message or check an email. Do you think you can do it? Information has…

For employees How to approach the weird social ritual of signing an office birthday card

It’s often said that a gesture as small as a simple birthday card is enough to show your team you care and to motivate them to do big things. We get it. But has anyone ever really thought about just…

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