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Expert advice

The Gamification of HR

Saurav Chopra, CEO and Co-founder at Perkbox, discusses the psychology behind introducing game concepts into workplaces.

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Perkbox Live 2016

Check out what went on in the Happiness Lounges at our second Perkbox Live event.

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Goodbye to
death by PowerPoint

Perkbox: Live is more than a slideshow, it’s a place to meet likeminded individuals – to swap success stories and learn from businesses similar to your own.

More than that, our ‘happiness labs’ are moments of madness in the midst of the calm. Fancy a massage? Step right in. How about some wine tasting? No problem. You never know what you’ll discover at Perkbox: Live, but we guarantee you’ll never be bored.

Meet the line-up

We switch up our guests every time we host a new event, but here’s an idea of what to expect...

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Critical thinkers

It’s not all business – sometimes it pays to think less about your balance sheet and more about your team’s emotional wellbeing.

That’s why we invite top psychologists and motivational speakers to come and talk about the best ways you can inspire your team.

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Industry leaders

How better to find out about tried and tested happiness techniques than learn from the people who tried and tested them?

Our industry leaders are made up of businessmen and women, who can talk you through what worked for their companies and help you understand how you can replicate their success.