Our story

We are Perkbox, a bunch of company culture enthusiasts with a suite of products dedicated to enhancing employee experiences.

From our founders to our newest recruits, more times than not, Perkboxers migrated from companies that didn’t quite grasp the importance of a positive employee experience.

The average person spends a third of their time at work. That’s a lot of hours, minutes, and seconds. But despite what many people say, our lives aren’t divided into two sections. Life doesn’t start only when work stops – nor vice versa.

Therefore employers are responsible for empowering their people to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives outside of work as well as inside. 

When this happens, the result isn’t just a motivated workforce, but a successful one too. After all, great customer experiences start with great employee experiences.

To that end, we created Perkbox, one unified platform that enhances every stage of the employee experience, through:

  • Perks and benefits
  • Reward and recognition 
  • Feedback and communication
  • Healthcare and insurance
  • Learning and development 

We weren’t experts to begin with. Over the years, we’ve formed a team of people who are prepared to (and often do) go above and beyond for one another. Now through the Perkbox platform we can do the same for you.

our story

Inside Perkbox

Talking about a great company culture is one thing – living it is quite another. 
This blog lifts the lid on the Perkbox experience.

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