Harmonise your EVP throughout your business

Ensuring everybody across your business is on the same page is vital to ensure success. Having a unified Employee Value Proposition (EVP) across multiple locations, brands, teams and countries is not a nice to have – it is a must have.


of employees have the feeling they are missing out on company news¹


of employees say they’re most motivated when management offers regular updates on company news²


increase in employee productivity in organisations where employees are connected³

All your company’s information in one place, accessible by everybody

With Culture hub, you can showcase your culture and people initiatives across locations in one central place for everybody to access.

  • Communicate your news, key people initiatives and link to key resources with custom cards
  • Create greater employee alignment to your culture and give clarity to your workforce, regardless of their team or region
  • Reduce the reliance on leaders in each location to cascade, ensuring clarity and consistency
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culture hub

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Get an overview of Culture hub

Learn how you can showcase your company updates and culture across locations from one central place.

Custom cards

What you want to say, how you want to say it

Easily share anything you want, from people initiatives to news updates, with custom cards and link to relevant resources, saving you time and effort.

Create visual cards to:

  • Communicate any updates like introducing new joiners, sharing great pieces of work, highlighting upcoming social events
  • Feature important company information and updates such as OKRs, HR policies, company benefits
  • Link these cards to anything you want to showcase, such as town hall video recordings, company values or key resources, saving time on having to direct your employees to these locations
  • Either choose from a template or make your own from scratch
add custom cards on culture hub

Available on the go

Anywhere, at any time

Have your messaging and comms visible on the go so your employees can get updates and access the resources anywhere, at any time.

  • Accessible via our easy-to-use mobile app
culture hub is available 24/7

Success story

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“What we recognise with the benefits of Perkbox is it's a simple platform that enables us to easily navigate through it to ensure that we recognise good behaviours, positive safety behaviours, and then reward our people.”

Kris Taylor
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager

Kris Taylor

Ready to centeralise your company updates and culture?

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