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In the long term, workplace wellbeing can make or break a business. When employees feel overworked, tired or undervalued, they become disengaged and deliver poor quality work.

On the other hand, employees who feel happy, healthy and supported perform at their best, are more motivated and provide better results.

Only 25%

of companies have an employee wellbeing programme¹


of workers at companies that support wellbeing initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work²

1 in 2

employees are now less bothered by office-based perks and are more keen on physical and mental wellbeing benefits³

What is an employee wellbeing platform?

An employee wellbeing platform is a digital solution that supports your teams’ mental and physical health.

Before considering a wellbeing platform, it’s important to think about how your employees will use it. Ideally, the platform should have enough functionality to deliver a vast amount of wellbeing resources from an app or online portal.

When we designed our platform we only wanted to include content from industry-leading wellbeing providers. What’s more, as we regularly update our resource library, there are activities for everyone — from slow-paced yoga flows to high energy workouts.

Because our approach to wellbeing is holistic, our platform sits within a greater employee experience program. This means we're able to offer additional health-related benefits, such as discounts on gym memberships, supplements and more. 

If you want to know how Perkbox can help you reach your wellbeing goals, request a demo and a member of our team will get back to you.

woman meditating

What's included with Perkbox

Curated wellbeing content

Empower employees with a suite of wellbeing resources at their fingertips

Provide your employees with carefully selected and relevant wellbeing resources, whatever they need.

  • An ever-growing range of content to help your employees’ personal wellbeing, from workout videos, to guided meditations to soothing sleep stories
  • Something to suit your people’s mood at any given moment whether they’re looking to exercise, calm their mind, achieve their goals, and lots more!
  • Quality content is produced by industry experts, including Sanctuary, House of Wellbeing and My Online Therapy
curated wellbeing content on wellness hub

Available on the go

Help employees find their zen any time, anywhere

Give your employees access to these resources 24/7, on any device, to fit around what they’re up to.

  • Available via laptop, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch
  • Ability to listen to the content even when phone screens are locked perfect for sleep stories!
wellness hub is available anywhere, any time
overview brochure

Featured brochure

Get an overview of the platform

Learn how you can care for, connect with and celebrate your employees with one global rewards and benefits platform.

An ad-free experience

Provide focus with no distractions

We live in a world full of distractions. All content on Wellness hub is completely ad and interruption-free, allowing your people to focus purely on their wellbeing.

ad free experience on wellness hub

Success Story

Monica Vinader

“We launched a wellbeing committee called the Feel Good Group and they're all about bringing wellbeing into everything that we do. Recently they were running some drop-in sessions for guided meditations. Someone played a track from the wellbeing section on Perkbox.”

Louise Sparkes
Senior People & Culture Manager

 Louise Sparkes

Success Story


“I cannot say enough just how much I love the wellbeing content on Perkbox. It’s an amazing benefit for us to provide for our employees and it’s continued to grow over time.”

Leila Blackman
HR Manager

Leila Blackman

Success Story

Open GI

"We do hybrid working at Open GI, and having wellbeing content available, so you can deal with the stresses and strains while at home, is a really current and appreciated part of the Perkbox offering."

Hayley Pearce
Organisational Development Manager

Hayley Pearce

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Wellbeing support

Support your team's wellbeing with curated resources at their fingertips


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