Long live the high street: Support local business with PerksGO

With the prediction that in 2019, over 23,000 high street shops will close, the future of British high streets has never been so uncertain. However is this really a demise, or are we in the midst of radical rethinking of high street shopping?

Over the past decade, there’s been a significant growth in alternative vendors – independent, artisan shops that sell unique goods. The generation of today value a diverse spread of local shops, over mass-consumerism and it’s beginning to show.

The following pages will delve into why this shift has happened and how supporting the growth of these local economies will not only benefit your employees but benefit your business. Read on to find out:

- Why the British high-street has been in such decline
- How the growth of alternative economies has sparked a cultural revolution
- How your business can “go local” with PerksGO
- 5 reasons why you should be supporting your local economies.

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