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Perkbox has enhanced the well-being and happiness of our employees.

Sarah Hardy · JCA Group

JCA is a leading provider of building engineering services, specialising in engineering projects, service and maintenance and interior fit out, operating throughout the UK to provide engineering and business excellence.

Our knowledge and experience spans across a wide range of services including design, installation and maintenance services of all mechanical and electrical equipment, data centres, critical environments and infrastructure, as well as complete bespoke interior fit out and refurbishment for all types of premises.

JCA encourage our team to understand individual client needs, support their colleagues, challenge the industry, generate innovative solutions and have a positive and proactive approach to doing business.

How has Perkbox helped your company?

Perkbox has enabled JCA to enhance the wellbeing and happiness of our employees.

JCA put a strong emphasis on always delivering our promises to our clients and work hard to achieve the high standards we set for ourselves, however we also believe that the happiness and wellbeing of our employees is paramount to developing our business, improving engagement and retaining skilled employees. JCA ensure hard-work is rewarded and that we celebrate our successes and are strong believers in providing an enriched benefits platform that will recognise our employees achievements. Perkbox has enabled JCA to show our employees that we truly value the hard work and commitment of our employees and recognise their dedication, loyalty and continued hard work, through a diverse range of exciting benefits. Perkbox has proven to be an innovative, exciting and a rewarding benefits system that continues to benefit our employees and the business, enabling JCA to truly engage and inspire our employees to be ‘All Together, Better’.

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