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Employees are more engaged because people know there is more to their job

Aimee Bowley · Lucketts Travel Group

Lucketts Travel Group is a family run business which provides luxury coach hire and first class holidays and day trips to tens of thousands of satisfied customers every year.

How have you found that Perkbox has worked with having staff who aren’t necessarily at their computers all the time?

The one thing that we say to most of our employees is to download the app. Even though they are on the road most of the time, we do also have a crew room for them to relax in. Although we are a coach company, we’ve got to have subs here so there’s a lot of people actually in the office. Also the crew room has computers available. It’s a chance for them to check their emails and Perkbox send regular emails updating every one of their updated perks. We take on about 5-10 new starters every month and the Perkbox video is a part of their induction so we’d like to think more and more people are aware of it and using it!

Why did Luckett’s initially decide to join Perkbox?

It’s family run and we really do stretch to the minimum, so the benefits here are great! I think that bringing something in for employee engagement such as discounted cinema vouchers is just a good way for people to get the most from where they work.

What are the favourite perks on the platform?

I think the gym membership and people also love the free cards for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. For me I would probably say the cinema vouchers and the high street shop discounts.

How has Perkbox impacted your business?

I would say that employees are more engaged because people know there is more to their job, whether that’s a reward or just something that could help them out in general. I don’t know any other company in our industry that uses it so it’s quite new and exciting.

Would you recommend Perkbox to someone else?

Yes definitely, just because it’s something different and new and it can target different audiences!

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