About this webinar

We’ve been busy at Perkbox...

Working with HR experts, surveying UK businesses and looking at our own customer insights, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 HR trends for 2021 – and we want to give you the exclusive!

On the webinar will be Ben Whitter, world-renowned employee experience expert, and Mona Akiki, Perkbox’s very own Chief People Officer. Together, we’ll discuss:

  • The 5 biggest HR trends to expect in 2021
  • How these trends will impact remote & non-remote workforces 
  • Practical advice on how to take these insights and implement for success
  • How the Perkbox People team will be optimising the trends for our workplace

And those who attend live on the day will be the first to receive our year-defining ebook: ‘The HR Trends of 2021: What to expect from the year & how to make 2021 a success.’


What you can expect to learn


5 biggest HR trends of 2021


The impact across all workforces


Practical advice, tips and how we do it at Perkbox


Exclusive access to our year-defining ebook


And a live Q&A

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Meet the speakers

Mona Akiki | Chief People Officer at Perkbox

Since 2019, Mona has acted as Perkbox’ Interim VP of People. Mona has more than 21 years of experience, 16 of which in HR advising leaders and organisations succeed in transformational and ever changing environments. Most recently, Mona founded Path Forward Ltd which helps leaders achieve their and their teams’ full potential through coaching and advisory services. Since joining Perkbox, Mona’s focus has been on Perkbox’ own culture, leadership team and internal employee experience.

Ben Whitter | Keynote Speaker | CEO of the HEX Organization and Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI)

Ben Whitter, CEO of the HEX Organization and Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI), is recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on the experience of work. He’s pioneered and popularised the concept of the employee experience, has been named as a top global expert in employee engagement and has even written the book on Employee Experience. Ben is also a frequent advisor and strategic coach to the World's top companies, helping them to develop strategies that deliver exceptional business and human outcomes. His latest book, Human Experience at Work, will be published in May 2021 by Kogan Page. You can find out more about Ben, his work and explore partnership services at www.hexorganization.com.

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