Engage and attract every type of employee

With rewards, benefits and discounts for all lifestyles, your business can attract and retain the best people.

A broad benefits offering helps you appeal to a wider talent pool – enhancing your Diversity & Inclusion efforts – while also showing each employee you value them as individuals.

Reward your people in a personalised way

Whether you're celebrating successful work or big milestones, you can ensure the reward is just right for each individual. Give them the ability to choose from:

  • Gift cards for some of the biggest brands around
  • Memberships and subscription packages
  • Experiences and days out
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Serve up a variety of benefits and discounts

Give employees access to benefits and discounts that add value to their lives all year round.

  • Promote a wide range of money saving deals, from supermarket savings to discounted days out
  • Give employees an allocation of points to purchase perks that are meaningful to them
  • Add as many benefits as you like, based on what your people want – whether they’re on site or remote
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Support wellbeing with curated content

Whether people are in the mood to exercise, calm their minds or reach their personal goals, they’ll find wellbeing resources to help.

  • Workout videos for strength training, cardio, yoga and more
  • Mindfulness and meditation guides
  • Apps and stories to help them get better quality sleep

Success story

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“The best thing about the platform is that it’s so versatile. There’s something for everyone.”

Victoria Otosio
Recruitment and Training Manager

Victoria Otosio

Ready to give your employees a wide range of benefits?

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Celebrate and appreciate your employees with:

Reward & recognition

Recognise and reward your people in a personalised way, wherever they are

Benefits & discounts

Provide global perks and benefits that add value to your employees’ lives, wherever they are

Wellbeing support

Support your team's wellbeing with curated resources at their fingertips


Centralise company updates and showcase your culture across locations