With Perkbox your employees have access to:

Gym discounts
Free online classes
Free online GP
Healthy eating options
Equipment savings

Personal exercise choices

Not everyone likes to get their exercise in the same way.

Our platform has a range of gym discounts, free online classes, desk yoga and physiotherapy savings to help employees improve their wellbeing their way.

Personal exercise choices

Free online GP day and night

It can take up to two weeks to get an appointment with a GP, making it harder for employees to improve their health.

Our platform gives your staff day and night access to an online GP service for free, with prescriptions delivered to the home, workplace or local pharmacy.

Free online GP day and night

Healthy eating

Eating the right food matters as much as getting the right amount of exercise.

Through the Perkbox platform, employees get supermarket savings, recipe box offers and nutrition discounts to help make healthy eating more affordable.

Healthy eating

Fitness equipment for less

Having access to the latest equipment can help employees push their fitness goals and track achievements.

On our platform your people get savings on footwear, clothing, bikes, wearable tech, protein shakes and more!

Fitness equipment for less

Want to help your employees’ financial wellbeing?

Physical wellbeing resources


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Treat your employees to more of the things they love with Perkbox

How Perkbox supports employee wellbeing

Positive employee experiences attract, engage and retain the best talent. Which area do you want to focus on?

Perkbox is the only all-in-one employee experience platform

Learn more about how we help businesses build their employee experience with:

perks Perks

Hundreds of perks, freebies and discounts

recognition Recognition

Celebrate outstanding work company-wide

medical Perks

Free online GP, and prescription delivery

Other areas we can help you in

Positive employee experiences attract, engage and retain the best talent. Which area do you want to focus on?