Celebrate and motivate

Pump up your people by celebrating successes – big or small – and individuals who showcase company values. This creates a culture of appreciation that engages employees across all locations, boosting productivity and employee retention.


of employees prefer companies with a rich recognition culture than jobs with higher salaries that don’t give any recognition¹


of employees named good colleague relationships as a driver of workplace engagement²


increase in productivity and engagement when you practice recognition³


Make it easy to shine a spotlight on top performers, celebrate key milestones, or simply say thank you.

  • Enable recognition between all employees – whether across the desk or across the globe
  • Use company polls to spotlight people and build engagement in a fun way
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Boost team spirit with social perks

Encourage stronger relationships by making socialising easier.

  • Discounts on restaurants, outdoor activities or trips to the cinema
  • Appeal to remote workers with takeaway vouchers and drink deliveries, for virtual social sessions
  • Give people points to spend on things like free coffee
  • Communicate fun social benefits you have such as free breakfasts or pizza Fridays!
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Showcase culture across locations

Culture hub is one central place for you to communicate all key people initiatives. This helps build greater employee alignment with your company and its values, no matter where in the world they’re working from.

  • Emphasise company values to drive engagement beyond just the head office
  • Promote examples of great work, as well as fun social events
  • Share important news directly with everyone, reducing the burden on local leaders
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Success story

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“What we recognise with the benefits of Perkbox is it's a simple platform that enables us to easily navigate through it to ensure that we recognise good behaviours, positive safety behaviours, and then reward our people.”

Kris Taylor
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager

Kris Taylor

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