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Engaged employees are 87% less likely to look for new jobs*
* Statistic taken from Corporate Leadership council
Talks and lectures Vanessa King - The Science of Happiness

Vanessa King on the psychology behind happiness and its importance in the workplace.

Talks and lectures Saurav Chopra - The Gamification of HR

Saurav Chopra, CEO and Co-founder at Perkbox, discusses the psychology behind introducing game concepts into workplaces.

Talks and lectures Henry Stewart - Let’s go create happy workplaces

Henry Stewart asks 'how would your organisation be different if the focus was making people feel good?’

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For employers Save budget this Christmas with an employee engagement programme

 For some companies the Christmas period brings collaboration and forward planning, for others it’s a time of skeleton staff and lapsed productivity. What separates the two is their approach to employee engagement, particularly over the festive period. By and large,…

For employers, Uncategorized 3 steps to convincing the c-suite to invest in employee engagement

The link between employee engagement and business performance is now irrefutable, but the cultural norm of motivating workers beyond their pay check is a relatively new concept. When manual labour made up the best part of the job market, there…

For employers 5 employee engagement stats that are raising HR managers’ eyebrows

Definitions of employee engagement vary, but three consistent characteristics include realising employee potential, sharing organisational goals, and promoting employee wellbeing. Organisations that tick all three boxes tend to perform better and grow faster – Forbes goes as far as to…

For employers, Uncategorized Driving loyalty in your millennial workforce

Categorising employees based on when they were born can be a controversial way to manage a workforce. However, the patterns of behaviour that are a result of the very different world Millennials were raised in compared to their older generational…

Young business woman and man having fun on working place with pen upper lips
Employee, For employers, Perkbox news, Uncategorized 10 questions that will reveal your company culture

 Company culture is a tricky thing. We’re all agreed of its importance, yet nobody knows exactly how to cultivate one. There are no paint-by-number culture frameworks to follow – uniqueness is the quality that makes the best ones stand out….

For employers 5 ways to solve the productivity puzzle

The Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) most recent labour productivity figures revealed that UK workers’ productivity has improved per hour by 1.2%, compared to the same time last year. According to the report, output per hour increased in Q4 2016…