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Top tip: Spread the message around the team. Host a meeting to read out recognitions, or if you have a screen, display some of the recognitions in your office to showcase everyone's good work.

Send a team recognition

If you want to kill two birds with one stone you can include up to 30 people when you send a recognition. Create a message that captures the team's collective effort, how they work together, and support each other.

Top tip: Tag your recognition with an Employee Appreciation Day Celebration, as a way to remind your employees to send their own recognition to colleagues.

Get creative

Employee Appreciation Recognition chain

Instead of just sending a couple of recognitions, why not start a recognition chain? This means you start by sending a recognition to someone, then challenging them to send one to another person and then another until everyone feels warm and valued!

Top tip: Acknowledge the people who aren’t always the ones breaking sales targets or leading projects. Acknowledge the unsung heroes who help the wheels of the organisation spin! Everyone plays a role in keeping things going, so make sure to call that out.

Host an in-office morning tea

If you are office-based, carve out some time in everyone's calendar and surprise them with some treats. Use Perkbox to get discounts from major supermarkets, or choose from various food retailers and make your employee engagement budget go further!

tesco morning tea

Create a Poll for an extra special shoutout

Create a Poll to ask your employees if there’s someone who has gone above and beyond and deserves an extra special shout-out this Employee Appreciation Day.

Top tip: Gift the employee who received the most votes with some Reward points so they can get themselves a well-deserved treat from our Reward catalogue.

The cherry on top

Sprinkle the message with Reward

Make your message even sweeter with Reward points. Reward points allow your employees to choose the treat they want from our vast catalogue — it could be anything from supermarket vouchers to a takeaway, to movie tickets and beyond. Even a small amount could help them with their weekly grocery shop that week.

Top tip: Reward your employees with points to get a coffee, and either all go out together or have a virtual coffee catch-up.

Appreciate the appreciators

Acknowledging your employees who show support to their fellow colleagues is important to building a culture of appreciation. Gift the employees or managers who have sent the most recognitions with Reward points to show your appreciation.

Top tip: You can find your company’s top appreciator by selecting the celebration reporting tab. You will be able to see both the top recognition senders and the top recognition receivers.

Try our new Reward templates!

Spice up the way you send your employees Reward points and create a moment of excitement, by using our Reward templates. Perfect for if you want to create a special virtual moment.

Top Tip: This Employee Appreciation Day, use our celebration template.

recognition templates


Featured guide

Your best practice reward guide

Need some inspiration on how to get the most from your Reward feature? We’ve put together this quick-starter guide to rewarding with Perkbox. It’s full of tips to help you know when, why and how you want to reward your people.

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