People analytics
Employee, For employers 7 steps to using people analytics in your HR function

In our previous article we looked at the rise of people analytics and why you should use it as a competitive weapon. We explored how this new approach to talent management is becoming increasingly widespread. The time for you to…

Employee, For employers 5 ways HR can tackle the January Blues

January is a peak time for employee absence, stress, and lost productivity – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 simple steps to tackling the January Blues. For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. So states…

Trends 2018
Employee, For employers 9 Piping Hot HR Trends For 2018

Through our lengthy discussions with HR influencers, monthly Perkbox Live events and regular webinars, we’ve spent 2017 with our ears fixed firmly to the ground of human resources. Some topics have arisen more than others during these conversations. Many are…

Employee, For employers 7 stats that will change how your workplace celebrates Christmas

Incentive schemes, budget-friendly parties, and flexi-hour negotiations – it’s hard for employers to keep everyone happy over the festive season. We hired a crack team of elves from the research division of St. Nicholas’s Lapland HQ to survey 600 UK-based…

Employee, For employers Perkbox Top 30 HR Influencers

 We pooled a selection of our industry’s most prominent figures to narrow down the Perkbox Top 30 HR Influencers. To compile the list, we took a fine-tooth comb to the UK’s HR space. We looked for practitioners undertaking pivotal roles…

Reward and Recognition
For employers 3 ways to reward your employees this Christmas (and beyond)

Reward and recognition is all the rage for HR, but what exactly does a successful programme look like? We recently teamed up with the guys at OnePoll and surveyed 2000 demographically diverse employees to understand the state of employee engagement…

Employee, For employers Why mental health needs to be central to your people strategy

 The human brain is a complicated thing. So bafflingly complex, that even in today’s scientifically enlightened age, there are still fundamental flaws in our understanding of the organ. However, as HR focuses its attention on wellbeing initiatives, employers might be…

Unlimited staff holidays doesn’t mean bosses have taken leave of their senses
For employers How to reward and incentivise your employees this Christmas

 Yes, it’s still November, but hear us out. For many organisations, effectiveness over the Christmas period is a good litmus test for overall performance – annual targets must be met and customer contracts renewed. Both, of course, require motivated workforces….

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For employers Why you should employ people analytics as a competitive weapon

Customarily HR departments have operated in silos but the range of data being collected coupled with its value to business strategy has led to the rise of people analytics. People analytics is the analysis of data collected by HR used…