Employee, For employers 6 trends shaping the future of HR in 2017

With the end of 2016 nigh, reflections on the past year are rife. Join us as we map out what’s awaiting the world of HR in the coming year… 1) An increased focus on Learning and Development Millennials value personal…

Employee, For employers 10 revealing questions you should ask at interview

Candidates are getting smarter. Or are they just getting better at interviewing? Very often it’s the best interviewee that gets selected for a job, and not always necessarily the most suitable candidate. Candidates are preparing their answers like never before…

Employee, For employees, For employers We need to talk: We have a problem with emails

We send too many emails and spend too long answering them. Is the solution to ban them altogether? We spend a lot more time on interpersonal relationships than we do on actual tasks, and email is a mammoth proportion of this communication….

For employers Christmas checklist: 5 ways to treat your employees this year!

It’s the 1st of December: the sudden omnipresence of the word ‘Christmas’ signifies that the Yuletide is fast approaching. Unfortunately, employee motivation tends to drop at this time of year, with 28% of UK employees saying that they avoid taking on…

For employers 7 ways to adapt to today’s changes in salary sacrifice regulation

Salary sacrifice is changing. Let us explain… What is salary sacrifice? Salary sacrifice schemes allow employees to give up part of their salary in return for non-cash benefits from their employer. Up until now, the schemes have been a ‘win-win’…

For employers Rain on their parade:
How to spot and prevent burnout syndrome

What is burnout syndrome? It’s when workers work too hard for too long and become emotionally and physically exhausted. It was originally coined in the 1970s to categorise doctors who, through severe stress, had lost interest in their work despite…

For employers 5 essential tools for busy HR managers

To help you spend more of your time focused on people and less of your time focused on paperwork, we’ve built this toolkit of essential programmes for HR managers- all inexpensive, easy to use and highly specialised. 1. Myhrtoolkit  …

Employee, For employers Want to improve your employer branding? Ask yourself these 5 questions!

Your company might be a good place to work, but how do you publicise this to prospective candidates? It’s all down to your employer branding. Your employer brand is your company’s reputation as an employer. It’s different from your company’s…

For employees, For employers You got yoghurt: What company culture means

When we think of culture we think high-mindedly. He’s so cultured, with his pocket square and his pince-nez! Where did he get that from? Somewhere cultured, I’ll bet! But there’s a yoghurt at the back of your office fridge that’s…