For employers 12 essential metrics all HR managers should be measuring

If the word ‘metrics’ makes you instantly recoil, conjuring up images of being knee deep in numbers, then fear not: we are here to help. Selected and measured correctly, metrics are your friend. They can help you to identify weaknesses…

For employers What is the impact of National Sickie Day?

Is your office beginning to look more and more like a ghost town? Well, everyone’s heard of the standard Monday blues, and even the infamous Blue Monday in January. However, the latest absence figures have found that the first Monday…

For employees, For employers 1 in 5 say their happiness decreases at work

Health, wellbeing and education charity, Central YMCA, has conducted research that highlights the major role employers have to play in supporting the nation’s wellbeing. The study of 1,000 UK adults found that being at work is the most common situation…

For employees, For employers How to combat stress in the workplace

Previous research has found that work related stress costs the economy approximately £6.5bn a year. A new study by Preventative Medicine revealed that working in a stressful job for 15 years can significantly increase the risk of illness. But how…

For employees, For employers How to nail your next office tea round in five minutes

The office tea round- an easy way to be in the cool gang, or the thankless task of interns and people-pleasers? We live in a nation where dunking the wrong kind of biscuit, or even dunking the right kind of…

For employees, For employers What’s the new inquiry into workplace dress codes all about?

Everyone remember that time when Nicola Thorp was sent home from work after refusing to wear heels in December 2015? A petition since then has garnered the support of over 150,000, triggering an inquiry and a report. Thorp, who was…

For employees, For employers, Fun for the whole company The secret to making the most of your holiday this year

2017 is upon us: it’s time to escape. Here’s how to use your annual leave wisely. What is your annual leave? In the UK full time workers are legally entitled to 5.6 paid weeks a year off, or 28 days…

Employee, For employers 6 trends shaping the future of HR in 2017

With the end of 2016 nigh, reflections on the past year are rife. Join us as we map out what’s awaiting the world of HR in the coming year… 1) An increased focus on Learning and Development Millennials value personal…

Employee, For employers 10 revealing questions you should ask at interview

Candidates are getting smarter. Or are they just getting better at interviewing? Very often it’s the best interviewee that gets selected for a job, and not always necessarily the most suitable candidate. Candidates are preparing their answers like never before…