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With the cost of living remaining high, people everywhere are feeling the financial strain. We know that as an employer, you want to do whatever you can to ease this strain on your people. But at a time when the cost of doing business is also pretty high, how can you support them?

More businesses than ever are turning to Perkbox as a way of helping their employees through the cost of living crisis. Our platform offers the most competitive employee discounts in the industry, allowing them to save money all year round.

From supermarkets to summer holidays, takeaways to tech — we’ve got your people covered.

But don’t just take our word for it. Why not see what some of our customers have to say?

Centrick: Financial wellbeing help for every lifestyle

Centrick is a 360-degree property services company which deals with all parts of the residential property journey, from sales to lettings to block management.

When People Director Gemma Powell joined the growing property business, she immediately looked to implement Perkbox, having used it at a previous company.

With a diverse employee base of around 240 people, it was important that the business could provide benefits that worked for everyone. A key selling point was Perkbox’s ability to help employees save on both essentials and nice-to-haves.

This has become especially important at a time of rising costs, and to date employees have saved over £25,000. Gemma believes the variety is what sets Perkbox apart.

“It’s definitely gone down well — there’s such a range available. Whether it’s a meal deal, or getting some new clothes — a personal favourite of mine is ASOS! — there’s lots of things that all of our teams can benefit from. We’ve got such a diverse workforce up and down the country. Perkbox is not all aimed at one consumer so there’s a good choice on the system.”


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Rochester Electronics: Supercharging their support package

Rochester Electronics is the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer. Supporting customers across the globe, the business has facilities in every major market.

Back in 2020 — a time where many companies wanted to provide better support to their people — HR Manager Lucie Bendakova chose Perkbox for her employees. One of the key reasons was the fact that we provided best-in-class discounts.

“One of the main things we wanted to support our employees with was saving money and getting the best of what’s on the market — just providing them with additional benefits and security. Obviously the cost of living hasn’t been great, so Perkbox definitely helps employees to be able to save some costs.”


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In the last 12 months alone, employees have saved over £16,000. But we don’t just offer discounts. Our Flexi Perks offering gives employees a range of extra freebies — at no cost to the business.

Lucie believes that the variety of free perks is one of the reasons Rochester Electronics have a higher engagement rate (71%) than their industry average.

“It’s something extra that people really appreciate. Everyone's got different expectations, different lifestyles. Someone might want to spend on coffee, someone might want to spend on clothes, someone on Amazon. There are so many different choices on Perkbox they like to engage with, and the platform is very easy to navigate.”


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Medichecks: Using Perkbox to become an employer of choice

Medichecks is the UK’s first direct-to-consumer blood testing company. Established in 2001, the business prides itself on creating a market where there previously was none, and has since branched out into the B2B and B2B2C spaces.

When Victoria Holden took on the Head of People role, she conducted an engagement survey to get a better idea of what people wanted. She says:

“One of the things that came out really strongly was the various benefits people were looking for. They spanned from wanting discounts to that wellbeing piece. We already offered them free blood tests, but that was only one part of the health puzzle.

One of the reasons we looked at Perkbox was because it had that holistic approach to benefits. It ticked all the boxes for the things our colleagues were telling us they wanted.”


This was quickly proven with the fact that 99% of people activated their account, and Victoria is sure of the reasons why.

“We know that our employees are engaged with the platform.They love the discounts and it’s something they really wanted. Over the last 12 months we’ve actually had £14,000 worth of savings which is incredible.”


Perkbox has become an essential part of the Medichecks employee engagement toolkit. It’s helped the business save time, money and become an employer of choice.

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“The biggest metric of success was through the engagement survey we did the year after implementing Perkbox. Our results had taken us up to the next level. We were now classed as a 1 Star Company, we were in the Top 10 Health and Social Care companies to work for, the Top 50 East Midlands Companies to work for and Top 100 SMEs to work for in the UK.

That was very telling and we could see in the survey that benefits were no longer something our colleagues were telling us to work on.

Another key thing has been the time and cost savings. There’s no way that we could have all of these different things if it wasn’t for Perkbox. It’s doing it all for us. We’ve had outstanding support when we’ve needed it, and the pricing is very competitive too.

When you look at what you’re getting, the benefit far outweighs any cost. It’s certainly going to continue to be part of our EVP because our colleagues love it!”


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