Rewarding your team members and recognising key achievements can make a positive impact on your company culture

What are rewards?

A reward is anything you give a team member as a ‘thank you’ for their hard work.

You might reward an employee if they make a certain number of sales, or as a celebration for a work anniversary.

The idea is to use that positive reinforcement to encourage repeat behaviour. Team members are more likely to meet or exceed their goals, if they know they’ll be rewarded for their efforts.

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Perkbox Rewards & Recognition platform provides you and your team with an easy way to recognise your most deserving teammates

What is recognition?

Everyone likes a bit of praise now and then. Recognition is the simple act of applauding key achievements within your team.

Anyone can recognise a teammate. It’s as simple as saying ‘well done’.

If you provide a formal system for exchanging recognition, coupled with a public leaderboard, your whole team can get involved, helping to build a company culture that’s founded on positivity. Soon all your teammates will be working hard to earn more praise.

What does Perkbox offer?

Our Rewards & Recognition platform provides you and your team with an easy way to gift premium rewards to your most deserving teammates.

It also enables everyone in your team to share our fun recognition badges. They’re a quick way to build a better company culture and get your team praising each other’s efforts.

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