Drive engagement with meaningful employee recognition programs

Having a strong reward and recognition culture can have a huge impact on not only how your employees perform, but how engaged they are. This contributes to employee satisfaction and retention.


of employees believe rewards would increase loyalty¹


of best-in-class organisations stated that employee recognition is extremely valuable in driving individual performance²


of employees who are recognised are very unlikely to look for a new job³

Personalised recognition and employee rewards that increase motivation and engagement

With Celebration hub, everyone gets involved in recognising great work.

  • Get your whole business to celebrate achievements, milestones and the people behind them, no matter where they are based
  • Link recognitions to values to emphasise what your company stands for
  • Create custom employee rewards to give something meaningful to the recipients
  • Celebrate star performers and increase company-wide engagement using polls
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Celebration and recognition

Beyond manager to employee recognition

Give every employee the ability to celebrate their colleagues, wherever they are located, ensuring no-one feels left out.

  • Enable any employee to shout out to their colleagues to celebrate them and comment on recognitions sent to others, guaranteeing to make someone’s day and create stronger relationships
  • Choose the types of achievements and milestones you want people to be recognised for, whether work related or personal
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Company values

Linking recognition to what matters to your business

Help everyone understand how their actions help drive your business forward.

  • Add your company values to the Celebration hub to ensure every recognition ties back to what your business stands for
  • When an employee sends a recognition, they will be able to select what specific company value their colleague’s achievement is linked to
align recognitions with company values
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Get an overview of Celebration hub

Recognise and reward your people in a personalised way, wherever they are – increasing motivation and engagement.

Team and company-wide polls

Start a little competition

Start a poll and get your employees involved, whether you’re looking to find some work inspiration, start a healthy competition, or simply have some fun.

  • Create polls and get people voting
  • Get polls that suit your needs by either creating your own or selecting from one of our templates
  • Celebrate your company values further by tying them to your polls
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Success story

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“For the firm as a whole though, it has allowed us to reward employees in a new and exciting way and this meant that they are being more productive and engaged.”

Heather Garrett
HR Director

Heather Garrett

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