Huge range of perks.

Peter Thum-Bonanno · GetAgent

GetAgent is an Estate Agent comparison site. We use property sales data to help homeowners choose the best estate agents to sell their property. In the first 6 months of operation we've helped over 800 homeowners. We're currently a team of 7 but growing quickly!

What do you think about Perkbox and what it has done for your company?

Perkbox is an affordable way for us to give a little something extra to our employees! As a startup we can’t afford to pay great salaries, so offering other benefits is great.

Which perk(s) stand out as a particular favourite?

We did a quick survey around the office and the phone insurance and taste card are the most popular perks. However the huge range of perks offered by Perkbox means everyone has found different perks that fit their lifestyle!

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