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It's great for our staff anywhere in the UK.

Karen Woods · Obsidian Healthcare Group

Elements Communications was founded in 2004 out of a vision that a medical communications agency can be run differently, offering a more personal, service-orientated and ethical approach.

In 2016, Elements Communications and the independent educational provider, Connect2 CME, were re-structured to form the Obsidian Healthcare Group; delivering high quality projects with a personal service mentality covering both sponsored and independent medical education. Our multi-disciplinary teams provide the perfect mix of experience, innovation, ideas and insight to provide our clients and sponsors with successful strategic solutions to support their products – from early-phase development, to launch, and throughout the whole lifecycle.

Because we understand the challenges of the marketplace we operate in, and the multi-channel needs of audiences we work with, our recommendations are realistic, practical and, most importantly, proven to work.

What do you think about Perkbox?

We signed up to Perkbox in 2015 after looking around for an incentive scheme for our people, and have been impressed by the professionalism and the huge range of different discounts Perkbox provides. Our people work all over the UK and it’s great that everyone, wherever they are based, can take advantage of the benefits on offer.

What are your favourite perks?

Two of the favourite perks are the phone insurance and Taste Card – we couldn’t believe these were free! The Huddlebuy Shopping Card, Cineworld tickets and Amazon vouchers are also very popular from a leisure point of view.

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