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Certainly helps to draw in new talent

Sarah Green · Technology Group

The Technology Group are a leading provider of communication solutions across the UK, dedicated to delivering to our clients the most advanced yet cost effective communications possible.

Based in Leeds and London, we provide managed communications services including Telephone Systems, Hosted Telephony, Lines & Calls, Mobiles and Hosted Diallers for small to large sized businesses.

What do you think about Perkbox and what it has done for your company?

It’s created a real positive feel for our current staff in the office and our recent new starters. Having access to a range of perks which suit different preferences has appealed to everyone. It certainly helps to draw in new talent and retain employees as we are now more competitive when compared with other businesses. It is nice to be able to reward employees for all their hard work.

Which perk(s) stand out as a particular favourite?

Cinema discounts, Tastecards and mobile phone insurance are favourites as they are convenient and can provide staff with savings on a weekly basis which is great. Shopping and holiday discounts are also really useful.

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