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Introducing Greeting cards

We're excited to introduce our latest recognition feature — Greeting Cards 🎉

This great new addition is all about celebrating special moments together amongst your team, no matter where they are based.

It’s a simple way for you and the managers in your organisation to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries and other important employee events — all in one place.

Why we developed Greeting cards

At Perkbox, we understand that acknowledging and celebrating milestones and achievements is a great way to build a culture of appreciation in your team. This in turn boosts spirit and creates that ‘one team, one dream’ feel!

Over time, we’ve heard from many customers that they either do this manually or have to source an external provider to help with this task.

That’s why we built Greeting cards — to simplify the job of celebrating your team and to streamline this part of your recognition programme.

No more collecting messages from each employee manually. No more making sure your external tool has enough credit. All this is done for you on Perkbox — at no extra cost.

How can Greeting cards help you?

Greeting cards make it effortless for you and your team to create heartfelt moments that genuinely matter to your employees.

1. Seamless collaboration

No more hassle of manually collecting notes from your team — with Greeting cards the collaboration is seamless. Anyone can create a Greeting card and simply invite others to write their message.

2. Building relationships across borders

Whether people are across the desk from each other or across the globe — anyone can be invited to add their message. The card will then be delivered to the person at a time that works for their location.

3. Celebrating together

Whether your employees are collaborating on a card or receiving the celebration, the experience within the platform and through our communications is designed to bring them together, creating stronger relationships.

Getting started with Greeting cards

We designed Greeting cards to be easy to navigate for anyone on your team. This is how to get started:

greeting cards

1. Pick ‘Create a Greeting card’ from our refreshed menu within the Celebration hub

Note: Depending on role permissions, your team will see some or all of these menu items:

  • Admins and managers will see all four items: Give a Reward, Recognise someone, Create poll & Send a greeting card
  • Employees will see two items: Recognise someone and Send a greeting card

create greeting card

2. Set up the basics

You'll need to: 

  • Pick a recipient
  • Choose an occasion
  • Set delivery time & date
  • Invite others to collaborate

Note: Admins and managers will also have the option to add a Reward. Only one Reward can be added to each Greeting card.

set up the card

3. Add your message

You can add your message straight away or skip this and return to it later.

add your message

And that’s it! Everyone invited to collaborate will receive reminders, and if they miss the deadline they’ll still be able to celebrate their colleague by commenting on the Greeting card.

On the day, the card will appear on the Recognition feed and everyone involved, including the team that the recipient is part of, will be nudged to read each other’s notes, creating a feeling of celebration.

All the Greeting cards an employee collaborates on will appear in ‘My celebrations’, so that they can revisit them at any time.

Final thoughts

Greeting cards are a simple way to build a culture of appreciation — improving employee morale, while being easy to manage for People teams and line managers.

Plus, the feature comes at no extra cost and is included in all packages.

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