Product Spotlight

Introducing the notification centre

All of our updates and notifications are now in one easy to find place. Whether it’s alerts that your employee’s received a recognition, a notification that their favourite Perk is boosted, or a reminder that the next webinar is about to start — the notification centre is the place for all updates.

notification centre

Why we developed the notification centre

Email is becoming an overwhelming form of communication. Things easily get lost in the inbox and we’ve all dealt with email fatigue. With our notification centre, our users can easily receive and go back to our latest updates.

notifications on desktop

How can the notification centre help you?

Rather than relying on emails to keep up to date, our users can actively log into the platform and see the latest updates themselves — giving them information on demand.

Final thoughts

We hope you find the notification centre a useful tool for staying up to date with everything related to Perkbox.


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