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Why we developed Perkbox for Microsoft Teams

Motivating your people is becoming more and more important, and your Recognition strategy is a big part of this. It helps build a culture of appreciation that leads to people feeling more connected to each other, and with the business.

However, recognition initiatives stagnate overtime, and can be difficult to embed into the daily workflow of a company.

According to Great Places To Work, 37% of employees say that they will work harder if recognised regularly.

That’s why some companies prefer to stick to an informal “well done” on Slack, Microsoft Teams or any other tools their teams use for daily conversations, as well as a verbal thank you.

While this is a great starting point, such an approach makes it difficult to see the participation and engagement levels with the recognition programmes, or to identify top performers and role models.

Other companies simply stick to one-off events such as annual awards ceremonies, without maintaining it as an ongoing programme. This means the longer-term effect is hard to achieve.

That’s why we’ve built an app for Microsoft Teams, so you can make recognition visible, regular and seamless within your existing workflows, as well as have access to the data you need.

How can Perkbox for Microsoft Teams help you?

Perkbox for Microsoft Teams helps you strengthen your culture by celebrating great work right where the collaboration happens.

It brings your recognition strategy straight into the tech that your teams are already using — therefore increasing its visibility and making it easier for you to maintain consistent engagement levels.

Getting started with Perkbox for Microsoft Teams

Perkbox for Microsoft Teams is available for anyone on the new Perkbox package. If you’re on an older package, speak to our team about an upgrade.

If you are on the latest package, all you need to do is download the app from Microsoft AppSource and add it to your Teams environment.

Depending on the permission levels set up in your company, there can be three scenarios:

1. No approvals needed for app downloads in Microsoft teams

In this scenario, you’ll be able to download and install the Perkbox app without involving Microsoft Teams admins.

2. Approvals needed for app downloads

In this scenario, you’ll be able to download the app yourself, however your IT team will need to approve its use in Teams. An approval notice will be triggered upon download.

3. Only IT can download apps

Your IT team will need to download and install the app for you.


So check in with your IT team, install our app and start recognising!

Final thoughts

Perkbox for Microsoft Teams is an easy way to bring your recognition programme to the surface and motivate your people. It costs you nothing extra and is easy to install and manage. Get started today by visiting Microsoft AppSource and searching for Perkbox.

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