Product Spotlight

Why we developed Reward templates

We understand that People teams play a pivotal role in shaping a positive workplace culture.

And driving reward & recognition programmes in dispersed and hybrid teams isn’t easy — especially when resources are limited!

So we looked at how we could save you time and admin effort with your rewarding, while still maintaining that special gifting experience for your employees. After all, gifting isn’t just about the reward points that you send to the team – it's also about overall experience and the impact it has on their morale.

Our aim was to make it effortless for you to go the extra mile, ensuring that every employee feels truly valued and celebrated.

How can Reward templates help you?


Our templates allow you to customise the experience for the special occasion, adding a heartfelt touch to the gift you send. For example, our festive template is a great one to use during the upcoming holiday season!


Our user-friendly interface ensures you can seamlessly select and send rewards with a template, saving valuable time and effort while maintaining a special touch

Emotional impact

Customised templates create that emotional connection, conveying genuine appreciation and value to your employees.

Getting started with Reward templates

1. Access

You can access Reward templates from your admin or manager Reward wallet, and use them when sending or scheduling individual and group rewards.

2. Pick a template

In the wallet, select a Template (there are lots more coming soon!) or choose ‘no template’ if you prefer not to use one this time.

3. Personalise and send

Tailor the template with a personal message and send it to your employees, making the moment of receiving a gift truly special.

Your employees will receive a special notification, as well as an animated experience of unwrapping their digital gift, along with your note.

Final thoughts

At Perkbox, we believe in the transformative power of employee recognition and reward — as well as the huge impact it can have on your organisation.

Reward templates are here to support you in creating memorable gifting experiences, making each moment of appreciation stand out and resonate with your employees.

This year, let's make the festive rewarding experience truly exceptional, together.

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