How you can help your employees with Perkbox

  • Perks hub, which can help them save thousands of pounds a year on their shopping
  • Reward points, which they can use to pick rewards which add the most value to their lives
  • Flexi Perks, a range of extras that employees can pick at no cost to them 
  • Wellness hub, a library of wellbeing content that helps them navigate the stresses of the cost of living crisis
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Perkbox has helped over 4,000 business worldwide care for, connect with and celebrate their employees


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Success Story


"Perkbox has been a wonderful addition into our benefits package. From a cost saving perspective it’s been brilliant for our teams. From a morale perspective with the communications it’s been brilliant."

Cressida Sergeant
Chief Commercial Officer

 Cressida Sergeant

Success Story


"It’s amazing how these small things make a big difference to people. I’ve had people consistently come and tell me they saved money on vouchers, days out, the cinema. One of our Australian team members spoke to me about how she saved $200 on a new fridge she was purchasing!"

Cressida Sergeant
Chief Commercial Officer

 Cressida Sergeant

Success Story


"I love the admin features, we used it in our Town Hall meeting as part of our end of year wrap-up statistics. We were able to show the whole company how much employees saved using Perkbox throughout the year. So it’s really useful to have those detailed statistics around usage."

David Glennon
Rewards Manager

David Glennon

Something for everyone

Every employee has their own individual wants and needs. Luckily, Perkbox caters for all types of lifestyles. Here are just a few examples.



Charlie is a 32 year old graphic designer. She’s an extrovert by nature and enjoys hosting friends and getting the latest tech and gadgets.

Charlie has saved over £984.



James is a 28 year old young professional who’s always looking for the next adventure. He enjoys outings with friends and discovering recipes and restaurants on weekends.

James has saved over £3,396.



Randeep is a 41 year old working dad to a family of four. He’s an on-the-go Sales Director who’s balancing his career with raising a family.

Randeep has saved over £3,564.