Motivate your teams and attract the best talent

Add value to your employees’ lives every day with a comprehensive corporate benefits portal.

Give your employees access to over 9,000 perks and discounts and save them money all year round. Plus, with over 8,500 rewards, it’s never been easier to introduce a rewards program that keeps your star performers happy and motivated.

We also understand the benefits of nurturing your employees’ wellbeing, so have included a collection of carefully curated content that’ll support your teams’ mental and physical health.

Showcasing your benefits is simple — with our platform you can personalise each employee’s experience so they can easily access all of their benefits on an easy-to-use app.

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Why choose Perkbox as your corporate benefits portal?

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Corporate discounts and benefits for the whole team

With more businesses reporting that their corporate benefits package affects their ability to attract and retain employees, it’s important to review your current offerings at least annually to ensure they’re relevant and desirable.1

Over the years, we’ve formed some great relationships with retailers, which is why we can offer your teams over 9,000 discounts and perks with some of the UK’s biggest brands.

With our dynamic platform, we can monitor what brands your people love most, and also give your teams access to:

  • Points which they can spend on free perks, ranging from a free ebook or coffee, to subscriptions to mindfulness apps and streaming services
  • A personalised platform experience, where they can access all of their perks and any custom benefits they’re entitled to – you control what they see on the app
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Use your benefits portal to recognise and reward employees

Recognition shouldn’t just come from team leaders. Every employee in your business should take the time to recognise their fellow peers as it will bring them closer together and contribute to a richer company culture.

With Perkbox, your teams can recognise each other on the go, and even add company values to each nomination. This not only helps people understand what your company stands for, but also the behaviours you want to encourage.

Of course, there are plenty of additional ways to celebrate your employees’ achievements and reward them for their efforts, which is why our platform includes points which your employees can spend on their choice of:

  • 5,000+ physical rewards to choose from including homeware, appliances, tech, and more!
  • 3,500+ gift cards from the biggest retailers to choose from
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Get an overview of the platform

Learn how you can support and motivate your people with an-all-one perks, benefits and rewards platform.

An employee benefits portal that includes wellbeing resources

Prioritising employee wellbeing doesn’t just benefit your teams’ health, but also contributes to business success.2

When organisations introduce initiatives that support their employees’ mental and physical health, it creates a positive working environment, which is a significant booster of engagement and productivity.

That said, choosing what to include in your wellbeing initiatives can be challenging as there are so many options.

Fortunately, Perkbox includes a vast collection of wellbeing resources, which we constantly update. This means your teams have access to a growing library of on-demand workout videos, guided meditations, and lots more – all of which are completely ad-free.

However, because we take a holistic approach to wellbeing, your employees also get:

  • Discounted gym memberships with MyGymDiscounts, the largest gym, studio and fitness network in the UK
  • Access to a 24/7 helpline, where they can talk to a licensed professional about any personal or work-related issues
  • Deals on nourishing meal subscription boxes and a variety of health supplements
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Manage corporate benefits effectively within your existing systems

When all of your benefits and perks are easily accessible from one app or portal, your people will use them more. This not only improves their employee experience but will result in a better return on investment.3

Additionally, effective communication is super important if you want to increase your benefits uptake – especially when launching any new deals or discounts.

Because our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, managing your employee benefits has never been simpler, as we keep everything together in one portal and app.

More helpful management features include:

  • On the go comms – share important information and news at any time and from any place, with one intuitive app
  • Custom cards – send bite-sized updates using digital cards that can link to other resources, including town hall recordings, PDFs and more
  • In-depth reporting –  measure who uses what and discover what perks your people love most
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Employee benefits portal FAQs

1. What is an employee benefits portal?

An employee benefits portal contains discounts, perks and other features that boost employee engagement. In fact, corporate benefits often save companies money over time because they help retain staff and increase productivity.

Usually, when employers choose a benefits portal, they want a full-service approach. What this means is that the platform does more than just save money. Comprehensive platforms often include features that influence additional employee experience touchpoints, such as recognition and wellbeing.

With our benefits and rewards platform, your teams get access to an extensive library of resources that support your teams' health. From soothing sleep stories to on-demand workout classes, there’s something for everyone.

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2. What are the benefits of an employee discounts portal?

3. What is the best employee benefits platform?