Champion your team’s achievements

Rewarding your employees’ great work creates a winning company culture, which increases motivation and productivity.


Companies that recognise and reward their employees’ efforts enjoy 31% lower staff turnover rates.¹


Businesses that use incentive programmes to reach their goals benefit from a 79% success rate²


of employees said rewards increased their motivation³

Celebrating success with Perkbox

Whether you want to incentivise a specific goal, or just want to reward success, Perkbox is a versatile employee engagement platform that helps you personalise rewards for each individual. 

Because we’ve partnered with the biggest online and high street retailers, giving back to your teams has never been simpler.

With Perkbox you can easily track your star employees and choose a reward they’ll love. Not only that, but you can also leave a note and make their achievement public on your company-wide feed if you wish.

But employee reward schemes aren’t just about vouchers and reward cards. Introducing a wider rewards programme that addresses your teams’ physical and mental wellbeing also improves motivation and loyalty.

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Recognise and reward your people in a personalised way, wherever they are – increasing motivation and engagement.

Catalogue of rewards

No two employees are the same and most employees want rewards that are unique to them.

That’s where Reward points and Global Reward come in. Our rewards platform allows you to reward your team with points, giving them the flexibility to choose the reward they want – when they want.

Purchase Reward points as and when you need and provide them to managers and team leads so that they can reward their teams. You supply the points, we supply the choice. There really is something for everyone!

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Physical wellness rewards

Rewarding your employees with a comprehensive physical wellbeing package boosts morale and helps relieve stress.

Most companies offer discounted local gym memberships, but Perkbox offers much more.

  • Reduced membership pricing at the biggest gyms, including Virgin Active, Gymbox, PureGym, and many more
  • Discounted healthy recipe boxes and money off supplements
  • Unlimited access to the Wellness hub, which includes guided mediation and yoga classes

And that’s not all. Your employees can also save money on gym apparel and wearables!

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Mental wellbeing incentives

Let your teams know you care with a 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), which gives them:

  • Access to accredited British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) counsellors and four therapy sessions with our enhanced EAP
  • A vast online library of mental health resources
  • Mental health first aid training

Employees can also call a confidential helpline that’s available all day, every day, if they need support.

mental and emotional wellbeing benefits for employees

Success story

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“The best thing about the platform is that it’s so versatile. There’s something for everyone.”

Victoria Otosio
Recruitment and Training Manager

Victoria Otosio

Celebrate your employees with reward and recognition

  • Send and receive recognitions and rewards
  • Allow your employees to choose from a wide-range of rewards
  • Assign company values to recognition
  • Create team and company-wide polls


What's the difference between reward and recognition?

Employee rewards involve a gift and cost money. Employee recognition, on the other hand, is free. An example of recognition is telling someone they’ve done a great job. Peer recognition is typically done in the moment and is an easy way to show a colleague you appreciate their efforts.

Recognition systems complement reward systems and are a useful method to measure employee engagement. When delivering recognition it’s important to be sincere. Don’t use copy and paste email templates - make the message personal. When a team member receives a templated response this could negatively influence their opinion of senior management and damage their employee experience. Remember the purpose of employee recognition is to increase the number of engaged employees. 

On a related note, try not to send messages when you are busy, to avoid rushing it.

Rewards systems don't need to be flashy either. Sometimes, buying a colleague coffee is enough to let them know you value them as a team member.

Rewarding people on a regular basis doesn’t mean you have to incur additional costs. Offering incentives like half day holidays can also increase employee engagement, at no cost to you.  It’s also important to note that simple actions with little monetary value are sometimes as effective as bigger rewards.

To learn more about how Perkbox can help you celebrate hard work, request a demo today. 

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