The Definitive Guide To People Analytics

People analytics and data are rewriting HR’s rulebook. Like the sales and marketing functions, the people department is becoming a data-driven force with the power to hit the bottom line like never before.

We interviewed five HR leaders from world-renowned brands and prominent consultancies to investigate their practical understanding of people analytics and how they’re putting it to use.

Industry contributors:

1. Tim Pointer, global HR director and founder, Starboard Thinking

2. Caren Ibn-Ayoub, HRBP director North Europe, Levis-Strauss & Co

3. Salina Gani, head of HR, Le Pain Quotidien

4. Andrew Spence, HR consultant, Glass Bead Consulting

5. Tracey Elverstone, head of HR, Staffline

The Definitive Guide To People Analytics

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