Bonusly features

Bonusly is a type of employee engagement software. It has a range of features, which include:

Global catalogue

Because more companies are employing a global workforce, the culture of recognition and reward has changed. Before, a present in the post — or a simple thank you note and gift card — were popular ways of rewarding outstanding work. And, to be honest they still are. But if you have offices abroad, sending gifts from one country to another is both expensive and time-consuming.

With Bonusly you can reward your international colleagues using Bonusly points. When someone has gone above and beyond, you go to the reward catalogue and choose a gift card. The gift card's value is tied to the number of Bonusly points you want to redeem against it. Then, just send the gift card to their email address.

Perkbox also has a point-based reward system. You can send Reward points to your teams, which they can save or spend right away on a gift card of their choice. More points equal a bigger reward. Plus, because the rewards are linked to global retailers most gift cards can be used internationally too.

Bonus Feed

Most employee recognition programs include a recognition feed, and Bonusly is no different. Recognition feeds not only boost employee engagement but also keep your culture healthy, especially in the wake of hybrid and remote working.

Using the Bonus Feed, employees can attach points to each recognition they send. Over time, these points accumulate and can be redeemed for rewards. Because the points expire and renew each month, it creates a sense of urgency — which in turn, encourages more manager and peer-to-peer recognition.

Like Bonusly, Perkbox includes a recognition feed, which automatically updates whenever a new recognition is sent. Plus, managers can choose to send Reward with their recognition, for that extra level of appreciation. These points can then be exchanged for a range of global products and experiences. However, Perkbox’s Reward points can be saved up, reducing the “use it or lose it” pressure on employees.


Before businesses used employee recognition software, awards were restricted to specific events — or they were physical gifts, for example, long service award medals or employee of the month certificates. But virtual awards are much more common these days as they’re so flexible and easy to send. In fact, this is why they are highly effective at boosting employee performance and morale.

With Bonusly you can use three types of award:

  • Automated: Employees automatically receive awards on their birthday, work anniversary, and starting date.
  • Manual: These are custom awards that you add to Bonusly at your own cost. Examples include a ‘Happy Customer Award’ or ‘Went the Extra Mile Award’.
  • Claimable: Employees can claim awards based on their achievements. Examples include publishing a blog post or walking 50,000 steps in a week.


Perkbox also understands the strong influence awards have on employee behaviour. For this reason, all of the awards can be tied to company values. Tagging values to awards and recognition means you can emphasise what you stand for every single day — your values will be more than just a slogan on the wall or a page in the staff handbook. This also reinforces positive behaviours that are in alignment with your company culture.


Bonusly integrates with other workflow software including:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) providers: Okta, Office 365, LinkedIn, and more
  • HRIS: BambooHR, Workday, Sage, and more

Perkbox also integrates with:

  • SSO: Okta, JumpCloud, VM Ware, and more
  • HRIS: Google Workspace, Workday, Bamboo HR, and more


Using the Bonusly dashboard you get answers to questions such as:

  • Who is receiving the most recognition?
  • What type of work receives the most recognition?
  • Who recognises each other the most?

Data within the dashboard covers the past 30 days and top 50 recognitions. It’s organised into charts, including:

  • Participation chart: Displays who has received recognition and when.
  • Leaderboard chart: Shows the top 12 receivers of individual colleague recognition.
  • Organisation chart: Illustrates who recognises who, with lines that show how often colleagues interact.
  • Recognition chart: Presents who received the most recognition and points. It also tracks company hashtag use.
  • Top word chart: Reveals the most popular words employees use when recognising each other.

When you use Perkbox you also get access to sophisticated yet simple to understand analytics. You can view how your employees use the different features across the entire  rewards and benefits platform — in addition to recognition rates. Plus, you can also discover popular perks, track engagement, and much more.

Mobile Apps

Bonusly is accessible from a computer and mobile app — on both IOS and Android devices. Recognition and reward features are the same regardless of where a person logs in, be it on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Likewise, Perkbox is also available online from any device. From the mobile and web app, employees have full access to all features. This includes a suite of wellbeing resources with an  extensive library of physical and mental wellbeing resources. From workout videos and yoga classes, to guided meditations and sleep stories — all content is designed and created by industry-leading wellbeing experts.

5 Bonusly alternatives to improve employee recognition & rewards

Here are 5 Bonusly competitors that also enhance employee experience.

1. Perkbox

Perkbox is the world’s first global employee rewards and benefits platform. At the moment, over 4,000 organisations in more than 140 countries use it. In addition to all these features, Perkbox has enhanced administration functionality that allows it to seamlessly integrate with leading HRIS providers.

Key features

  • Reward and recognition: Encourage a culture of appreciation by introducing real-time recognition and plenty of reward options. Teams can redeem Reward points against a range of products and experiences — and can choose to save them for a bigger reward or spend them right away.
  • Global benefits and discounts: Over 4,000 perks with global retailers, plus functionality to add your own unique company benefits. You can also send your teams an allowance of Flexi points each month, which they can spend on Flexi Perks at no cost to themselves.
  • Mental and physical wellbeing: Mental and physical wellbeing resources are available 24/7 from a laptop, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. Enhanced healthcare options include health cashback plans and an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).
  • Company updates and comms: Streamline your internal comms with one simple and single source of company information. You can create engaging posts with visual cards — these cards also support a number of different attachments including video and photo files.

How can Perkbox benefit my employees?

Perkbox is great for organisations who want a holistic solution that influences many employee experience touchpoints. It’s especially useful for those who want to offer their teams — both local and international —  enhanced rewards, perks, and wellbeing options.

Team enjoying Perkbox employee rewards

2. Achievers

Achievers is an employee recognition and listening tool. It could be a good fit for organisations who want to cultivate a culture of recognition and place an emphasis on employee feedback. Achievers also integrates with HRIS tools including Workday and Oracle.

Key features

  • Listen: Includes polls, surveys, quizzes, and forms.
  • Recognise: Assign points and leave personal messages from the app.
  • Reward: Employees can redeem reward points with over 2,500 brands.

How can Achievers benefit my employees?

If improving communication and recognition is a significant part of your culture strategy, Achievers could be an option for you.

3. Sodexo

Sodexo is an employee engagement platform that includes benefits and reward services.

Key features

  • Employee incentives: Create incentive programmes to keep your star performers on top of their game.
  • Employee benefits and discounts: Sodexo work with you to find out what benefits and discounts your teams value.
  • Employee recognition: Visa recognition cards can be topped up every month.
  • Employee rewards: Create reward packages to celebrate long service, hitting company milestones, and more.

How can Sodexo benefit my employees?

Sodexo specialise in financial benefits and employee incentives, so could be an option for businesses who want to prioritise their reward packages.

4. Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway has a range of engagement features that aim to enhance employee experience.

Key features

  • Employee reward and recognition: Employees can recognise each other and receive e-gift cards.
  • Employee comms and surveys: Share what matters most and reach everyone wherever they are, be it in the office or at home.
  • Employee discounts: Stretch your employees’ disposable income further with discounts.
  • Employee wellbeing: Employees can access 100s of ClassPass workouts from Move — a Reward Gateway feature.

How can Reward Gateway benefit my employees?

Because Reward Gateway is a comprehensive solution, it equally focuses on recognition, benefits, and wellbeing.

5. Edenred

Edenred has several employee engagement platforms, which focus on benefits, rewards, and recognition.

Key features

  • Connect Recognition: Nurture a culture of appreciation and track what behaviours receive the most recognition.
  • Rewards and incentives: Send redeemable rewards and incentives with eCodes.
  • Savings and flexible benefits: Employees can access discounts, perks, and applicable benefits from a low-maintenance platform
  • Edenred Restaurant card: A reward incentive that is reloadable. Accepted in a range of restaurants, cafes, and food outlets.
  • Benefits partners: From cycle to work and gym memberships to technology and environmentally friendly cars.

How can Edenred benefit my employees?

Edenred could be suitable for businesses whose primary goals are to use employee incentives as a way to increase motivation.

What do great reward tools have in common?

Generally, all great reward tools have easy-to-use features that are accessible from a mobile or web app. This prevents them from being locked down to a specific device, which could harm uptake rates.

Specific reward features also tend to have a global reach, freeing managers to send incentives and other small monetary bonuses, such as vouchers over an app. But efficiency and ease of use aren’t the only benefits. Because engagement platforms make rewards and incentives trackable, this information can feed into decisions on raises and promotions.

This brings us to our next point — data. Reward tools should always include easy-to-access analytics. After all, if you’ve invested in a product, you need to know if it’s achieving a healthy ROI.

HR professionals comparing employee benefits software and Bonusly competitors

Perkbox is the Bonusly competitor that could be right for you

If Bonusly isn’t right for your business, consider using Perkbox instead. Aside from being an excellent recognition solution, Perkbox also has a comprehensive wellbeing package, full of on-demand fitness videos, meditation guides and therapy sessions.. There is also the option to add enhanced healthcare options, such as an EAP and health cashback plans.

Find out how Perkbox can help you reach your employee experience goals here.

Additionally, Perkbox is the first truly global employee rewards and benefits program, due to its Reward and Flexi points systems. Support and celebrate all of your employees no matter where they’re based with one easy-to-use and cost-effective platform. If you want to try Perkbox, request a demo today and a member of our team will get back to you.

Bonusly alternatives: your FAQs answered

How good is Bonusly?

Bonusly is an excellent tool, but like all employee engagement platforms, suits some businesses more than others. Similar to Perkbox, it includes a range of features that aim to improve the core elements of employee experience, such as culture, wellbeing, perks, and recognition.

Before investing in any employee engagement software, it's important to thoroughly research different tools, so you get a feel for what types are right for your business. Admittedly, this is easier said than done as there are so many, but researching what other similar companies use is a great place to start.

What are the best Bonusly alternatives?

What are the most preferred forms of recognition in the workplace?

Take your reward and recognition strategy to the next level

Perkbox helps you reward and recognise your employees, no matter where they are.

  • Send and receive recognitions and rewards
  • Allow your employees to choose their reward
  • Assign company values to recognition
  • Create team and company-wide polls
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