Top 15 employee engagement software tools and platforms for 2022


Tools for employee recognition

1. Perkbox

perkbox recognition

Perkbox is a fantastic all-around employee experience platform that's guaranteed to help take your engagement up a notch. Our platform is made up of multiple employee engagement solutions, but here we're going to be talking about our recognition tools.

If you're looking to motivate employees with rewards and recognition, Perkbox is the perfect tool for you. Our goal is to make employee recognition anything but boring by offering exciting activities and rewards that people actually want.

We offer a variety of different ways for every employee on your team to be congratulated for a job well done, including:

  • Employee-to-employee recognition with shoutouts, which creates an engaged and enthusiastic company culture.
  • Company polls that kick off a little healthy competition as employees vote for colleagues who deserve recognition.
  • Milestone celebrations on birthdays, anniversaries, life events, and more.
  • An array of employee rewards, chosen from over 50 of the UK’s biggest brands.
  • Custom company values, which can be assigned to any reward or recognition you give out.

Perkbox customises the offerings and pricing according to your business's needs, so we're a great choice for companies of any size. Click here to request a free demo without any strings attached.

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Tools to boost employee wellness

5. Perkbox

Perkbox wellbeing

Your teams' health and wellbeing should be your top priority regardless of where they work, be it remotely or in the office.

When companies provide additional wellbeing resources for their employees it reduces absenteeism and boosts productivity. In other words, it's essential to overall business success.

Content within the Wellness hub is available 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet, and laptop and includes:

  • Workout videos: From cardio to strength training, our workout videos cater to a range of abilities to make staying active easier. 
  • Guided meditations: Give your employees the opportunity to wind down after a busy day with a carefully curated selection of guided meditations.
  • Yoga videos: Help your teams experience the holistic benefits of Yoga, with on-demand yoga classes that will benefit their mental and physical health.
  • Sleep stories: Getting enough sleep is essential for your peoples' health, and sleep stories will help them experience better quality sleep.
  • Hypnosis audios: Employees can listen to hypnosis audios to clear their minds and relieve stress.

Overall, healthy employees are happier, more engaged, and loyal. If you want to learn more about Perkbox, you can request a free demo here.

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Tools for employee engagement surveys

10. Connecteam


If you work in an HR department, you've probably heard of Connecteam before. It goes much further than simply offering an engagement survey or two though. Their engagement software allows businesses to manage all their employees in one central place, offering features for everything from time management, to daily operations, to internal communications.

Nevertheless, we'd like to feature Connecteam's use of the engagement survey for the purposes of this article. The way they weave it into their programme is truly unique and unlike much of what's currently available on the market. Basically, they prioritise employee communication by helping companies use honest feedback to make the best possible decisions for their business. They do so with the following employee feedback features:

  • Organisational surveys and live polls
  • Suggestion boxes
  • Creation of structured channels so employees can contact HR or management when necessary
  • Corporate social network creation by posting company news and announcements, and getting feedback with comments, likes, and more.

11. WorkBuzz


WorkBuzz is an incredibly dynamic employee engagement tool that helps you put data at the heart of your decision making so you can continuously focus on bettering your employee experience. 

Its flexibility as a platform means it only takes a few minutes for you to launch an array of multi-language and mobile optimised surveys that are accessible to all of your employees, no matter where they are in the world. 

Choose from a range of survey questions from the best practice question library that cover important topics, such as diversity, hybrid working, and wellbeing. After collecting feedback, you can see what factors are your biggest engagement drivers and any areas that would benefit from extra attention and care. 

Because WorkBuzz includes intelligent features, such as customisable dashboards, it’s never been easier for people managers to track the data they’re interested in and take meaningful action. Furthermore, WorkBuzz designed the dashboards with busy managers in mind, not data scientists, and have included advanced algorithms and text analytics so you don’t have to spend hours reading vast amounts of raw feedback. 

It doesn't matter if you’re a small local business or global corporation WorkBuzz offers plans to suit every company, regardless of their size. Their pricing model is flexible and the amount you pay depends on the type of solution you want. 

12. Typeform


While Typeform is not technically an employee engagement software, it certainly holds its own against most platforms when it comes to engagement surveys. In fact, they're a company that's all about surveys. They specialise in helping people and businesses create and distribute surveys that are actually enjoyable to fill out. If that doesn't make them a perfect tool to measure employee engagement and development, we don't know what does!

If you're wondering how you can use Typeform to help with your human resources and employee engagement needs, all you have to do is browse through the HR section of their website. They've got HR survey templates for just about everything:

  • Employee engagement
  • Training satisfaction and employee development
  • Candidate feedback
  • Employee sentiment and morale
  • Reference requests
  • Suggestions
  • Self evaluation

...and those are just a few examples! Typeform also has a new feature called VideoAsk that you can use to create interactive video conversations that boost engagement with employees.

Employee perks software platforms

13. Perkbox

perkbox perks hub

When it comes to perks, Perkbox is one of the best employee engagement systems out there. We have perk in our name, after all. We believe that engaging and treating employees with perks and other benefits is a win-win solution.

Employees are happier when they receive perks they can actually use, as it demonstrates you understand them as individuals. A good engagement system with plenty of perks keep turnover low, attracts top talent, and increases employee satisfaction.

Now, let's talk about the perks we offer. All of our perks sit within our Perks hub.

  • Perks. Treat your employees to over 1,000 discounts and perks from the UK’s biggest brands, including Sainsbury's, Asos, and Deliveroo.
  • Flexi points. Give your employees a monthly allowance of Flexi points, which they can spend on whatever Flexi Perks they like.
  • Flexi Perks. Employees can choose from a range of Flexi Perks including a small treat, such as a coffee all the way up to an online therapy session.
  • Custom company benefits. Integrate your existing company benefits, for example, you can add free beers on a Friday under your Perks hub and keep all of your employees' perks and benefits in one place.
  • Card-linked perks. Employees can earn cashback on what they buy at selected shops, bars, and restaurants and then spend it on the Perkbox platform. 

If you think Perkbox can enhance your current employee experience, request a free demo or get a quote today.

Perks and benefits employees can use any time, anywhere

  • Offer a huge range of free perks
  • Provide over 4,000 perks and discounts
  • Add custom company benefits
  • Centralise company benefits in one place

FAQs about employee engagement software

What is employee engagement software?

diverse employees

Employee engagement software is a type of HR software. At face value, employee engagement refers to how connected employees feel with regards to their workplace, and is a vital part of any complete HR checklist.

Businesses use employee engagement software to encourage a number of things from their employees. This includes engaging with their company culture, aligning themselves with its mission and values, promoting a sense of community, and enjoying themselves while doing so. For more information about how employee engagement software can help your team, check out our recognition hub.

The best employee engagement software helps companies improve their overall performance. This is because businesses with excellent employee engagement are more profitable, have better employee retention, and see better performance throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Indeed, a 2017 study by The Engagement Institute reported that disengaged employees cost American companies as much as $550 billion each year.

Employee engagement software is usually offered as software as a service (SaaS). This makes it perfect for both remote and office-based teams as it can be accessed anywhere. With the rise of remote work and international teams, this is more important than ever.

There's a variety of employee engagement systems out there. Some of them are marketed as well-rounded solutions that have a variety of features, while others focus on specific facets of employee engagement like perks and rewards, wellness, recognition, and surveys.

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Why use an employee engagement platform?

happy employees laughing

The benefits of employee engagement software are so vast it's difficult to list them. Nevertheless, here are our top three reasons why you should absolutely be using employee engagement systems.

1. Empower employees by giving them a voice

Employee engagement software is important because it gives your employees a voice and allows them to feel heard. No one can read minds, so employee engagement software is one of the best tools to get genuine insight into their opinions, likes, and dislikes. You might even be able to bring out parts of their personality you didn't know were there before.

Best of all, when you really listen to employees' voices, they'll feel more valued. In fact, employees who feel their voices are heard are 4.6x more likely to feel empowered to perform their best at work.

2. Enrich your company culture and create community

Employee engagement software can enrich your company culture in a variety of ways. Perhaps you want to create a company culture that revolves around recognition? Try a recognition solution. Want to give overall performance a boost? Gamification apps could be what you need. What about communication and team building? There’s software for that too.

Whatever the case, engaged employees make for a great company culture and create healthy professional communities. This is essential to keep employees happy and enthusiastic.

When you have a rich company culture, your professional team will feel close-knit even if you all work remotely or rarely see each other face-to-face. Company culture is also a great asset in terms of recruiting and onboarding as new workers will feel like they're part of the team right away.

3. Increase employee retention

Last of all, employee engagement software has been shown to significantly increase employee retention in the long-term. This is because some of the biggest reasons why employees quit their jobs are closely related to engagement. According to a 2021 The Balance Careers report, the following are the biggest driving forces behind workers looking for new jobs:

  • Lack of management recognition
  • Poor relationships with coworkers
  • Bored and unchallenged by the work itself
  • Lack of contribution of their work to the organisation's business goals


...notice how all those driving forces can be easily addressed with employee engagement software? 

Because employee engagement platforms allow employees to recognise each other, build relationships, get motivated, add a little extra something to their workday, and connect with higher-ups in their organisation, they help build workforces that people will want to stay in for the long haul.

Who uses employee engagement software?

woman on computer smiling

Companies from pretty much every industry use employee engagement software all around the world. As you've seen, their benefits are numerous and there's an option out there for everyone, no matter what kind of business you work in.

Management staff and human resources professionals are usually responsible for deciding what kind of employee engagement platform best suits their teams' needs. However, no employee engagement app can be successful if the key people aren’t on board. That means everyone on your professional team should be using it.

Employee engagement software is especially important for remote teams (or companies with some degree of remote work) as well as teams that work across different time zones. This is because they don't have the same opportunities to engage face-to-face that those working in a traditional office space might. Nevertheless, at Perkbox we believe that every team can benefit from employee engagement software.

Care for, connect with and celebrate your employees

  • Provide free perks and over 4,000 discounts
  • Recognise and reward employees
  • Give access to curated wellbeing content
  • Centralise company updates and benefits