There are a range of human resource tools out there that can save the day. We've put together our top 20 picks of essential programmes for HR managers. They're all easy to use and highly specialised, depending on what you need them for.

We've divided them into the following categories:

  • Employee engagement
  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • People management
  • Organisation and finances

Keep reading to discover the perfect HR tools for your company.

Engagement tools

Here are some of the best employee engagement tools.

1. Perkbox

perkbox employee benefits and rewards platform

Best for: Employee engagement

The basics: Perkbox is a global benefits and rewards platform to help companies to care, celebrate, and connect with their employees. It's a must-have tool for anyone who wants to boost employee engagement.

  • Company perks and benefits: Give your employees over 9,000 global perks and benefits and add real value to their lives.
  • Recognition: Strengthen relationships between your teams with a real-time recognition feed, they can show their appreciation to anyone whenever they want.
  • Reward: With a points-based reward system, your employees can choose from 8,500 rewards. Plus managers can write a custom message with each reward they send.
  • Extensive library of wellbeing content: Support your employees' mental and physical wellbeing with guided meditations, on-demand yoga classes, and sleep stories. 
  • One app for all your comms: Send company-wide updates from the Perkbox app and reduce reliance on regional team leaders to share news 

Handy features: Perkbox is a highly customizable platform, in which you can add your own logo, branding, values, and employee benefits. You can also highlight or hide any perks that different teams are entitled to.

Learn how you can engage employees with Perkbox

2. Slack


Best for: Team communication

The basics: Slack is a well-known communication solution with the goal of making teams actually enjoy working together. Its interface is easy to use because it works just like the chat apps many are already familiar with. It's simple to send messages, attach files, and even make video calls. All your communications are organised into channels, which can be based on topics, projects, teams, departments, or whatever you want.

Slack is particularly useful for HR functions because it can help streamline the employee onboarding process. Get new hires up to speed, introduce them to your company culture, share resources, and answer any burning questions they may have.

Handy features: You won't have to worry about lost information, because Slack has a function that makes it easy to search through chats and find anything you need. 

You can also add external parties such as clients, stakeholders or partners into your chats, which makes it a great tool for project management as well.

3. Alaya


Best for: Volunteering and community initiatives

The basics: Alaya is software that helps companies build purpose-driven cultures. Their platform has many different functionalities, but their biggest and most interesting programme revolves around creating opportunities for employees to volunteer and give back to their communities.

Alaya's software enables businesses to:

  • Organise volunteering opportunities (online and physical)
  • Run fundraisers and fundraising activities
  • Coordinate voting campaigns
  • Match employee donations
  • Implement company-wide volunteering initiatives
  • Track participation and impact

Handy features: If you're looking for nonprofits you'd like to partner with, Alaya has an impressive worldwide network that they can connect you with. They also make it easy for you to integrate your existing nonprofit partners, where applicable.

Recruiting and onboarding

Here are some of the best recruitment and onboarding tools.

4. SAP Litmos

sap litmos

Best for: Employee training

The basics: SAP Litmos is a learning management system. Essentially, it manages all your staff training and development for you. Its simple interface and accessibility dramatically simplify the process of creating courses for your employees. You can also foster a little healthy competition between employees by using achievements, points, and badges based on engagement within the system.

Not only that, but Litmos also simplifies the process of taking courses, taking any resistant employees' excuses out of the picture. Tracking is also made easy with automatic measuring of metrics such as registration and attendance.

Handy features: If you're averse to reformatting your pre-existing materials, it’s easy to upload them (most media formats are accepted). It also contains discussion boards, incorporates gamification with leaderboards, and is accessible anywhere and anytime on all devices.

5. Workable


Best for: Recruitment

The basics: Easily the most popular candidate sourcing and applicant tracking system, Workable is incredibly effective, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. It spreads your recruiting net far and wide and streamlines your hiring process.

Make a single job post and your advertisement will be shared to over 200 recruitment websites, including big ones like Indeed. Workable also reach candidates on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Once applicants start rolling in, Workable keeps track of everyone applying. From there, you can pick out candidates to interview and make your shortlist.

Workable also has a range of key features for any hiring process, including referral tools, diversity, equity and inclusion criteria, and video interviewing functionalities.

Handy features: Workable's programme is clean and slick; it clearly shows you what stage of the interview process every candidate is at. Your HR department and colleagues can even add their own comments. You can also see all the applicants from your company as a whole, which is a nice touch in case applications transfer departments. Plus, very responsive customer service is just a call away.



Best for: Recruitment and workforce planning

The basics: is a very unique human resources software. It uses industrial/organisational (I/O) psychology to help businesses with workforce reorganisation, workforce planning, talent acquisition, emerging leaders, succession planning, employee development, and team insights and building.

All you have to do is distribute one assessment to employees and applicants. You'll get insightful, accurate results that will inform your hiring, promotion, and transfer decisions to everyone's benefit.

Handy features: isn't a one-sided HR software platform. The process doesn't come to an end after the assessment; they have features that allow people to collaborate on their outcomes, futures, and career mobility decisions.

7. Workbright


Best for: Employee onboarding

The basics: Workbright is an HR management software that came to be because they found the employee onboarding process just too complicated. It works by helping users create online libraries of onboarding forms and documentation, allowing them to distribute it all 100% remotely. This makes the hiring process quick, easy, and painless by giving new hires easy access to the forms they need and automating the time-consuming tasks that eat up HR professionals' workdays.

Handy features: Workbright's software takes a modern and practical approach to employee onboarding. Some of their most useful features include fingertip signatures, cameraphone uploads, applicant tracking integrations, and compatibility across all kinds of devices.

8. VivaHR


Best for: Recruiting

The basics: VivaHR has succeeded in developing recruiting software that's affordable, effective, and straightforward. They don't make anything overly complicated, and that's why their software is a great solution for any recruiting process.

Simply make a job post (either from scratch or by using one of their ready-to-use templates), get it posted to over 50 job boards and sites, watch applications and candidate profiles roll in as job seekers are directed to your post, and monitor everyone's progress with their applicant tracking software.

Handy features: VivaHR has great features that can help make your hiring process collaborative. You can give different HR team members access to candidate resumes and impressions and even work together on a ranking system.

People management

Here are some of the best people management tools.

9. Myhrtoolkit


Best for: Staff management

The basics: Myhrtoolkit is an online-based system that tracks it all: holidays, absences, must-read documents, staff databases, appraisals, training, pay and benefits, healthy and safety management, tasks, and general staff management. Basically, you can look after all your people in one place!

Myhrtoolkit is a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses. It's also GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified, and is renowned for great customer care.

Handy features: Read receipts allow you to check who’s seen what, which is handy for training and staff memos. Myhrtoolkit is also an HR software that's mobile-friendly and condenses down to the small screen well, which can’t be said for an Excel spreadsheet.

10. Staff Squared

staff squared

Best for: Staff management

The basics: Staff Squared is a great, cloud-based HR software that helps human resources professionals get on top of all their staff management tasks on an efficient, intuitive, and secure platform. It enables small to medium-sized businesses to free up time to work with their staff, rather than paperwork. Some of its top capabilities include:

  • Holiday management
  • Absences
  • Time tracking
  • Expense management
  • Staff information
  • Document management
  • Staff performance management
  • Employee onboarding

Handy features: Staff Squared will fit perfectly into your existing HR processes. It's easy to connect your favourite web apps like Slack, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook with their software.

11. People

people hr software

Best for: HR essentials and recruiting

The basics: People HR is software that covers all the bases. In terms of HR needs, it covers a lot of ground. It helps human resources professionals implement automation to avoid spending valuable time doing the same tasks over and over again. However, it also has a great applicant tracking system that helps companies attract and retain the perfect additions to their team.

Handy features: People HR also has employee performance functionalities so you can maximise the potential of those who already work for you. Encourage employees to set goals that match company values, foster collaboration, compare employee data and scores, and collect 360-degree feedback.

12. BambooHR


Best for: A little bit of everything

The basics: BambooHR identifies itself as an HR software with heart, that aims to help human resource professionals focus on people, not business processes. In order to achieve this, they offer an array of features that cover everything from payroll to company culture to onboarding and training employees.

Handy features: Bamboo HR offers a great library of resources along with its software. They have extensive content libraries and webinar libraries, as well as an informative blog.

13. TriNet


Best for: HR expertise, risk mitigation and payroll services

The basics: TriNet is a full-service HR solution that helps businesses with all their employee management and administrative tasks. Their platform is intuitive to use and can be specifically tailored to your industry and business type. Their top services include:

  • HR expertise: Talent retention, compensation consulting, engagement and team building
  • Risk mitigation: Workers' compensation, employment practices risk management, and Affordable Care Act solutions
  • Payroll services: Expense management, timesheet management

Handy features: TriNet has a range of experts from different industries to help you with your specific HR needs. They can customise their services for architecture and engineering, consulting, education, eCommerce, financial services, marketing and advertising, nonprofits, retail and wholesale, and more.


Here are some of the best organisational tools.


monday software

Best for: Centralising all your HR processes

The basics: is used in all kinds of industries, but is particularly powerful in a human resources context. It works as a solution for all your HR processes and workflows, bringing them all together into one central workspace. helps human resources professionals facilitate a breezy HR experience and manage employees throughout all the phases of their career:

  • Recruitment pipeline
  • Onboarding and training
  • Engagement and well-being
  • Development and learning
  • Leave requests
  • Performance reviews

Handy features: can really save your human resources team time because they offer an array of ready-to-use HR templates to take advantage of when you're getting started.

15. Calendly


Best for: Scheduling meetings

The basics: Calendly is a simple tool that can truly work wonders for human resources. It's an automated scheduling software that allows you to book meetings without the back and forth of emails or phone calls. It syncs automatically with up to 6 types of calendars to check availability and provides for different kinds of meetings such as one-on-one, round-robin, and group.

Handy features: Calendly is the perfect complement to HR tools you already use. You can embed it into your website, easily share Calendly links, and even create custom integrations with their powerful API.

16. ZoomShift


Best for: Scheduling and time tracking

The basics: ZoomShift is an ideal scheduling and time tracking tool for hourly employees. Forget about writing schedules and calculating labour costs by hand. ZoomShift gives you an elegant, intuitive interface where you can manage your employees' schedules in a dynamic way. It also has functionalities for:

  • Labour cost calculations
  • Timesheets
  • Time tracking and time off tracking
  • Shift planning
  • Shift swapping

Handy features: ZoomShift is a great tool for employees to use, as well as human resource management professionals. They have a handy mobile app which makes it ideal for switching shifts, requesting work/time off, and logging daily hours.

17. Loom


Best for: Training and feedback

The basics: Loom is simple but powerful. It has become the most popular and widely-used screen recording tool out there.

It allows human resources management professionals to make screen recording videos on Google Chrome, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Instead of having to send emails back and forth to provide onboarding training and general feedback, you can make a quick screen recording of what you want to explain, send out a link, and save yourself a lot of time.

Handy features: Loom is easy to install and use regardless of your level of technological know-how. Its user experience is top-notch, you can choose to record with or without your camera, and it's easy to edit your screen recordings.

Elements to consider when choosing an HR tool

When choosing the best HR tools for your organisation, it's good to find out what similar businesses to your own are using. With so much choice out there, it's important to do thorough research before investing.

From employee engagement software, to training, recruitment, and more, it's often difficult to determine the best choice for your team. To help you pick the perfect HR solution for your needs, consider the following elements. Not to mention, Perkbox has all of these elements and more.

 hr tools

1. Ease of use

This might be an obvious feature to look for in an HR platform, but it's overlooked all too often. The best HR software is intuitive, easy to use, and doesn't have a steep learning curve. Remember that a lot of different people will probably be using your HR tool of choice. That extends to human resources professionals, staff, applicants... the works. All those people should be able to learn how to use your HR software quickly, or else it just won't be worth it.

2. Cost

Cost is a factor in just about everything in the business world. There's an HR software for every budget out there, so you don't have to worry about not finding anything. However, you'll need to determine how your HR software of choice will fit into your human resources budget. Startups and smaller businesses have to be particularly mindful of this.

3. Customer care and reviews

perkbox reviews

HR management software is important, so it's worthwhile to do a bit of crowdsourcing to gather feedback and reviews on popular software from your community. A quick Google search will also give you a general impression of a software's reputation. Generally, good software has good reviews.

It's also a good idea to investigate what kinds of customer care options different software has. It should be easy to get in touch with them should you have any problems.

4. Customisation

Great HR software platforms are easily customisable. Even if your company is using an external human resources management tool, ideally you want things like your company logo and branding to shine through. Additionally, the best software has a wide variety of features that you can browse through and ultimately single out the ones that best align with your business.

5. Scalability

Whatever the current status or size of your business, it's unlikely that it'll stay exactly the same in the future. Businesses are dynamic and are consistently scaling, expanding, transitioning, and re-organising. Your HR tools should reflect that.

When your business goes through structural changes, you won't want to start the HR software selection process all over again. Choose software with a high degree of scalability to avoid that eventuality. Instead, it'll grow with you.

Administrative and Financial

Here are some of the best administrative and financial tools.

18. Smart Pension

smart pension

Best for: Pension schemes

The basics: Using Smart Pension's cloud-based service is a quick and simple way to get your company compliant. It's now mandatory that every business offers a workplace pension, even if you only employ one person. Smart Pension's goal is to help every business in the UK get on track.

Handy features: Smart Pension helps you generate professional literature to distribute to employees so they can be reassured and kept in the loop. This helps them build confidence and feel in control over their retirement. Smart Pension also integrates with all leading payroll providers.

After set up, your employees can use the platform themselves to choose their own level of contribution or even opt-out.

19. XPert HR

xpert hr

Best for: Compliance

The basics: An online supplier of highly useful HR documents on subscription, XPert HR helps make sure that you're up to date with compliance. As well as providing expert guidance, it supplies model contracts, staff handbooks, and more.

Handy features: Programmes guide you through difficult HR tasks so you learn how to do things, like draft a zero hours contract or support an employee who has become disabled. They also keep their finger on the pulse of the business world, weighing in on trending topics such as discrimination issues.

20. ADP


Best for: Payroll, tax services and time tracking

The basics: ADP has a wide range of features that would be useful to any HR professional, including those related to time and attendance, talent, benefits, HR services, and outsourcing options. However, they really set themselves apart with their payroll platform.

Regardless of the size of your team, you can pretty much leave your payroll needs with ADP and they'll do the rest. They have fully automated employee data syncing, integrations with their other HR features, scalable levels of service, and compliant support as well.

Handy features: If you use ADP, your head will no longer be swimming with confusing accounting questions. They have certified, experienced payroll professionals available to help you out 24/7.

You're ready to go

We hope that this toolkit has given you a great selection of the best HR software and tools out there at the moment. Whether you're looking for a solution to help you with employee engagement, recruiting, people management, organisation, administrative work or finances, we've got an option for you.

Don't forget to consider the ease of use, cost, customisation possibilities, scalability, and reviews of your software of choice and your HR team will be good to go.

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