Product Wrap-Up

Manager driven rewarding

We’re introducing a few improvements that will make it easier for you to get your managers involved in your recognition programmes.

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Reward from recognition – enhanced features

Admin and manager level users are now able to add a Reward to any recognition. This recent enhancement allows you to pick any recognition in the feed and add Reward points. This improves the manager and admin user experience and helps you create a culture where great behaviour is celebrated.

Managers can now buy points

Managers can buy Reward points without having to wait for budget to be assigned to them. If you have teams with strong culture who do a lot of rewarding and gifting, they will benefit from the simplicity this feature provides.

Subscribe and save

You are now able to set up automatic purchase of Reward points throughout the year on a monthly or a quarterly basis, helping you simplify your rewards process and save up to 50% on service fees.

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Empowering admin experience

We’ve been working to ensure our admin users have more control over their Perkbox from within the platform.

Renew and change your subscription in a few clicks

We've recently introduced the functionality allowing you to renew your subscription from within the platform. In the new edition, you’ll also be able add and edit licences, add Flexi points and for the UK users, add EAP.

Coming soon

Here is more exciting releases to look forward to in the coming weeks…

Schedule a recognition

Have an employee's birthday coming up? A team member’s work anniversary? Starting next month, you will be able to schedule their recognitions up to 28 days in advance.

Manage user invitations to join Perkbox when adding a HRIS integration

If you’re new to Perkbox, or are planning to add new teams or regions to your subscription, you will find this new feature helpful. In the next few weeks, you will be able to send email invitations to new users at a time that best suits you, instead of automatic sync.

Assigning managers made easier

We’re introducing an improved experience for admin level users when adding and editing team managers


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