Product Wrap-Up

Reward and recognition updates

Here’s what we’ve improved in order to make it simple for you to motivate your teams, wherever they are.

Reward from recognition - live on the app!

We’ve made sending a Reward while sending a recognition available on our mobile app for all admins. This makes it easier than ever to motivate your people to do their best work - even on the go!


Reward budgets

Start planning your initiatives ahead of time — you can now organise your Reward points into budgets, making it easy to schedule activities without worrying about balance.

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reward budgets

Schedule CSV rewards

When sending Rewards via a CSV upload, you can now select the time you want them to be sent, up to 30 days ahead — perfect for festive rewarding!

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Reward templates

Give your people a special gifting experience when rewarding them this festive season, with our brand new Reward templates.

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reward templates

💡Top tip: set up a Festive budget to secure your Reward points, schedule your Festive rewards ahead of time — and then enjoy yourself! You can rest assured that on the chosen day, your team will be delighted with their gift and your message to them!

Savings updates

Did you know that 35% of employees want a discounts platform from their employer to help them with the cost of living?

Here are some recent updates to help your teams save more:

Increased discounts!

We’ve increased dozens of discounts to help your teams stretch their salaries moving forward — helping them save an average of £200 on their annual food shop — and a staggering £50 just on a Christmas holiday shop!

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Improved brand discovery

We’ve grouped all of our deals by brand, making it easier for your people to find an offer that they need from the 10,000+ offers across the world!

brand discovery

Apple and Google pay

We’ve added Apple and Google pay to our mobile app and web, saving your employees valuable time when purchasing digital vouchers.

apple pay

Savings tracker for you

We’ve listened to your feedback around reporting and have made team savings reporting more transparent, split into fixed and estimated savings. Fixed savings are any savings we can definitively calculate, based on your team’s purchase of digital vouchers. Estimated savings are any other savings where we don’t know the exact amount — this figure will be based on the average spend at those retailers where your team has redeemed a discount.

savings tracker

Coming soon

  • We will be launching the same savings tracker for all of your employees, helping them to monitor their savings and get smarter with their finances.

Benefits updates

We know how hard it is to manage multiple initiatives on a tight budget. Starting this quarter, we’re bringing you industry leading rates at a selection of our benefit partners.

Now available on the platform:

Dental coverage and medical cash plan

We’ve made the first two benefits available on the platform, where you can submit an enquiry and get started on some great savings!


Coming soon

  • Benefits Marketplace in platform: We’re bringing select partners from our Admin Marketplace into a dedicated area in our platform, making it easy for you to choose the benefits that your team needs — and for them to save money along the way! Stay tuned for more updates!


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