Mental wellbeing support made easy

Geir Darge · 24 Jul

Mental health in the workplace; it’s an issue that has long been an elephant in the office.

At Perkbox, we think the lack of mental health support given to staff is a big problem. That’s why we’ve launched our Employee Support Hub, offering 24/7 access to free, impartial and confidential advice, powered by our partners over at CiC. The hub will offer a range of services to tackle emotional and mental wellbeing, all in a way that works around the user and their needs.

Figures published in the government’s recent Thriving at Work report revealed that mental health-related absenteeism costs 300,000 Brits their jobs a year, and accounts for £42bn in lost revenue.

Given that around 325,000 people have to leave employment due to a cancer diagnosis, this a pretty shocking statistic and goes to show the clear disparity between the impact and the treatment of mental health. We all know the steps needed to treat illnesses like Cancer, or other life-changing diagnoses but clarity around mental health procedure is sorely needed.

What do you get access to?

The hub is designed to be as flexible as possible. Users will be given the option of either dialling into a free phone service, at any time, or if preferred, they can log in into the online portal and have a conversation via live web-chat. Employees with visual, hearing or speech impairments will also have the alternative of using Next Generation Text (NGT).

Of course, many issues will require far more than a call and users have the option of upgrading to a face-to-face session for those who feel uncomfortable with discussing these issues on the phone.

Advice from qualified therapists

Unlike many dial-in services, CIC’s staff are all qualified therapists and are trained to help deal with issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. Moreover, your conversations don’t have to necessarily be work-related. The conversations can be around any and all problems you might be having. This can be as specific as legal issues relating to employment law and family property, or even family issues such as parenting, divorce, separation and debt management.

If you want to find out more, or would like to book in a call, all you need to do is search for “Employee Support Hub” in your Perkbox homepage or app. Like any other service on the platform, simply click “get this perk” and you’ll instantly gain access.

Or if you're new to Perkbox, why not book a demo and see what all the fuss is about: 


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