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Edenred features at a glance

Edenred’s solution has a mixture of platforms and benefits options, including:

  • Edenred Savings: Offer your employees access to 100s of discounts with some of the biggest retailers. Discounts can be accessed online on a website, or through the Edenred app.
  • Edenred Flex: With a highly customisable benefits package your employees only receive the benefits they value. This keeps your costs down and also provides a better employee experience than a generic package.
  • Connect Recognition: Create an online community where employees can recognise those who go above and beyond. The optional employee reward feature includes rewards from 100s of popular brands.
  • Select reward eCodes: Personalise each eCode you send via email, or before you print. The codes can be swapped for gift cards at 100s of brand retailers.
  • Incentive Award cards: Customise how each card looks, so they match your company brand. The Incentive Award card works with a range of currencies and is redeemable with retailers across the entire Mastercard network.
  • Ticket Restaurant card: Treat your teams to a tasty snack or meal at a range of restaurants, cafes, and takeaways. The card works with any food business in the Mastercard network. The Ticket Restaurant Plus option can also be used in supermarkets.
  • Employee benefits partners: Edenred provides a number of benefits including cycle-to-work and green car schemes, affordable loans and savings, plus technology benefits such as Let’s Connect.

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5 top Edenred alternatives for employee benefits

The top 5 Edenred competitors include:

1. Perkbox

Perkbox helps complex companies harmonise their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). They give businesses the edge by bolstering their employees’ mental, physical, and financial wellbeing. Because Perkbox’s solution is the world’s first global employee benefits and rewards platform, over 4,000 organisations across 140 countries use it.

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Key features

  • Reward and recognition: Strengthen relationships across your entire organisation by creating a global culture of appreciation. Employees can send each other personalised recognition from an app and link each recognition to company values. This means employees know exactly what behaviours are in alignment with your company culture. Plus, managers can send their teams Reward points, which can be exchanged for rewards — big or small — in the global Rewards catalogue.
  • Global benefits and discounts: Show your teams you care about their financial wellbeing with thousands of global discounts and perks. Because Perkbox works with global retailers, there is something for everyone, regardless of their location. This means you can ease the cost of living for all of your teams. Additionally, with Flexi points, your teams can access a range of extras — called Flexi Perks — at no cost to them.
  • Mental and physical wellbeing: Taking care of your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing has never been more important. Fortunately, Perkbox can help your employees make healthy decisions by providing an ever-expanding library of wellbeing resources. From energising HIIT workouts and relaxing yoga flows, to guided meditations and sleep stories — there’s an activity for all moods and goals.
  • Company updates and comms: Keep your people connected no matter where they’re based. By organising all of your comms in one highly accessible space, your teams can find important company information with ease. No more relying on managers in different locations to cascade updates, or complex email lists. With engaging visual cards, you can attach social photos, town hall videos, onboarding pdfs and more.

How can Perkbox benefit my employees?

Perkbox is a fantastic tool for organisations who want to simultaneously target different employee experiences. Because every feature sits within one comprehensive platform, there’s no need to download multiple apps.

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2. Sodexo

Sodexo provides a global employee rewards solution that supports your employees both in and out of the office.

Key features

  • Customisable reward programmes: Work with Sodexo and learn what rewards will have the greatest impact on your organisation.
  • Benefits and savings: Choose benefits your teams value, including cycle to work, health plans, and an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).
  • Employee appreciation: Recognise your teams with Visa cards. Top them up when you want and make them your own with company branding.
  • Employee discounts: Save your employees money on their holidays, the high street, and more.

How can Sodexo benefit my employees?

Sodexo works with a range of global partners who can stretch your employees’ salaries further.

3. Bonusly

Rewarding and incentivising employees to do their best work not only increases productivity but also enhances your company culture. And with Bonusly, you can make recognition more impactful.

 Key features

  • Bonus Feed: See who receives recognition and when with Bonus Feed. Employees can send each other Bonusly points too.
  • Global catalogue: More Bonusly points mean bigger rewards. The Global catalogue includes international retailers, so everyone benefits.
  • Awards: Employees receive Bonusly points on their birthdays and other special dates. You can also create your own custom awards too.

How can Bonusly benefit my employees?

Because the Bonusly platform prioritises reward and recognition, it could be good for businesses who want to solely focus on their employee incentive strategy.

4. Achievers

Achievers use workforce data to support employees. Their goal is to sustainably improve performance by increasing engagement and employee happiness.

Key features

  • Listen: Record positive or negative experiences with check-ins. Use surveys and polls designed by the Achievers Workforce Institute.
  • Recognise: Leave personal messages of recognition and assign points at any time from the app.
  • Reward: Exchange reward points in the Achievers Reward Marketplace. Reward options include over 2,500 brands.

How can Achievers benefit my employees?

Achievers offer a culture-orientated solution. Their platform focuses on communication and reward to improve employee experience. The data they gather helps deliver actionable insights to boost engagement and performance.

5. Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway’s mission is to build strong and resilient organisations. Their platform helps employees to connect, support, and appreciate each other.

Key features

  • Reward and recognition: Show recognition and send reward points — which are redeemed in Reward Marketplace.
  • Discounts and deals: Choose from reloadable cards, instant vouchers, and cashback.
  • Comms and surveys: Keep all of your news updates and comms in one place.
  • Health and wellbeing: Support your teams’ mental and physical health with a variety of resources, including videos, recipes, and blogs.

How can Reward Gateway benefit my employees?

Reward Gateway spreads its focus across a broad range of experiences. This may help organisations who need a comprehensive solution.

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Choose Perkbox: the right Edenred alternative for you

Compared with Edenred, Perkbox offers a comprehensive all-in-one global rewards and benefits solution. This means your employees can access everything they need from one easy-to-use platform.

Find out how Perkbox can help you reach your employee experience goals here.

Edenred alternatives: your FAQs answered

Who are Edenred?

Edenred build digital engagement platforms to help organisations create better employee experiences. Their solution includes a mix of prepaid cards, incentives, rewards, and employee benefits. Edenred’s CEO is Bertrand Dumazy, he was appointed both CEO and Chairman in 2015.

Who are the top Edenred competitors?

Which is the best employee benefits platform?

Take your employee benefits strategy to the next level

Perkbox helps you offer a harmonised employee benefits offering across the globe.

  • Simplify your employee experience with a single global app for all benefits
  • Help your employees save money with discounts at over 9,000 providers worldwide 
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