Sodexo features at a glance

Sodexo are part of the employee benefits and rewards space, their solution includes:

  • Tailor-made rewards and incentives: Work with Sodexo to create an effective reward strategy that is unique to your business.
  • Reloadable recognition cards: Encourage your teams to go the extra mile with reloadable Visa cards.
  • Employee benefits: Keep your entire portfolio of benefits in one place on the Sodexo app.
  • Employee discounts: Choose from a range of benefits, including high street and holiday discounts.

Similar to Sodexo. Perkbox also recognises the power of appreciation which is why the platform includes dynamic reward and recognition features. Some of these can even be customised to further complement your reward and recognition strategy.

With Perkbox, you can also send top performers flexible Reward points, which can be redeemed in our vast, global Reward catalogue. Whatever reward your people find meaningful, and wherever they are, Perkbox has the right reward for them.

5 Best Sodexo competitors and alternatives for employee benefits

The 5 best Sodexo competitors include:

1. Perkbox

Care for, connect with and celebrate your teams with Perkbox, the world’s first all-in-one global rewards and benefits platform. You can use Perkbox to harmonise your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and encourage a culture of recognition with one easy-to-use app. Many organisations save both time and money managing their offerings in one centralised platform. It’s not surprising that over 4,000 companies across 140 countries trust Perkbox to help them deliver the best employee experience possible.

Key features

  • Reward and recognition: Employees can send recognition to anyone at any time using the mobile or web app. Plus, managers have the ability to send Reward points — which can be exchanged for a range of products and experiences in the global Rewards catalogue.
  • Global benefits and discounts: With thousands of discounts and deals with leading global brands, employees can save money all year round. Not to mention with Flexi points they can treat themselves to a range of extras at no cost to them. These are called Flexi Perks and range from a free coffee all the way up to a talking therapy session.
  • Mental and physical wellbeing: From energising HITT workouts to slow-paced yoga flows, all wellbeing content is produced by industry experts. This means your employees have access to high-quality health resources at home or in the gym. What’s more, everything can be accessed 24/7 from the global app.
  • Company updates and comms: Increase cultural alignment and highlight what matters most with engaging visual cards. Choose from a range of quick and easy templates, or create your own from scratch. Link the cards to town hall recordings, new joiner documents, and more.

How can Perkbox benefit my employees?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that’s easily accessible then Perkbox is an excellent fit for your organisation. What Perkbox does especially well is consolidation. Or to be more specific, its core features have been distilled into four essential hubs, reducing the need for additional apps. From reward and recognition to benefits and wellbeing Perkbox has everything you need to deliver a great employee experience.

Team enjoying Perkbox employee benefits

2. Bonusly

Boost employee engagement and cultivate a culture of recognition with Bonusly. Its  employee engagement tool includes several reward and recognition features.

Key features

  • Bonus Feed: Track the recognition your employees send to each other. Also, see how many Bonusly points they receive and the company values associated with each recognition.
  • Global catalogue: Bonusly work with global retailers to deliver a catalogue of rewards. Employees exchange Bonusly points for rewards — with some being bigger than others.
  • Awards: Automate Bonusly points so your employees receive them on their birthday, starting date, and work anniversary. You can also create your own awards for special achievements too.

How can Bonusly benefit my employees?

Bonusly has a global reach, so it's good for international companies who want to bring their teams together.

3. Achievers

The Achievers platform has real-time employee engagement capabilities and a number of features that support active listening.

Key features

  • Listen: This toolkit includes a number of polls, forms, surveys, and quizzes to measure and manage a range of tasks. All have been designed by the Achievers Workforce Institute.
  • Recognise: Employees can send each other points over the app and also personal messages of recognition. Each recognition can be linked to company values.
  • Reward: Achievers Reward Marketplace works with over 2,000 global brands and has an international reach.

How can Achievers benefit my employees?

Achievers could be an option for companies who want to improve their active listening skills.

4. Reward Gateway

Offering perks, benefits, and wellbeing options with Reward Gateway may help you stand out from the competition and attract new talent.

Key features

  • Reward and recognition: Reward employees with points, which they can exchange in Reward Marketplace.
  • Discounts and deals: Reduce the cost of living for your teams with meaningful discounts.
  • Comms and surveys: Learn what your employees really think and monitor engagement with a suite of surveys.
  • Health and wellbeing: Includes expert blogs and fitness videos — including cardio, strength, and yoga.

How can Reward Gateway benefit my employees?

Because Reward Gateway is a broad solution, it could be suitable for organisations who need a platform to equally support their employees’ financial, mental, and physical wellbeing.

5. Edenred

If you’re not sure what level of perks, benefits, and discounts to offer, Edenred has several platforms you can choose from to strike the right balance.

Key features

  • Edenred Savings: Employees can save money on essentials — this eases their cost of living and supports their financial wellbeing.
  • Connect Recognition: Encourage employee recognition and send eGreeting cards on birthdays, long service anniversaries, and other key dates.
  • Edenred Flex: This flexible benefits package can help improve retention, employee wellbeing, and performance
  • Incentive Award cards: These prepaid cards work with millions of retailers who are part of the Mastercard network.

How can Edenred benefit my employees?

Edenred takes a modular approach when it comes to developing its engagement tools. Consequently, if you’re on a tight budget you only choose the platforms you need.

HR manager choosing between Sodexo alternatives

Choose the right Sodexo alternative for you

So you’ve come to the conclusion Sodexo isn’t the right engagement solution for your business, now what? Well, if you need a comprehensive solution that targets multiple employee experiences, Perkbox is an excellent Sodexo alternative.

Find out how Perkbox can help you reach your employee experience goals here.

Perkbox is incredibly user-friendly and can be used straight out of the box. It integrates well with leading HRIS and SSO providers so you can get the most out of it with your current setup — for example automating the process of adding new starters and removing leavers. Moreover, with its reporting functionality you can begin to track how your employees are using the platform right away — be it downloading discounts or sending recognition.

If you want to try Perkbox, request a demo today and a member of our team will get back to you.

Sodexo competitors: Your FAQs answered

Who competes with Sodexo?

According to our research, the top 5 competitors to Sodexo are Perkbox, Bonusly, Achievers, Reward Gateway, and Edenred. Of course, there are many more employee engagement platforms out there, which is why we recommend doing your own thorough research before committing to investing in a specific tool.

What are Sodexo benefits?

What are Perkbox employee benefits?

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