Product Wrap-Up

Reporting improvements

We’re carrying out a series of reporting improvements to provide you with the usage information you need, when you need it.

The improved reporting suite enables you to understand how your employees are using Perkbox and the focus areas where you need to drive engagement.

We’ve launched a new exciting report:

Engagement trends report

This brand new report allows you to compare engagement month on month and quarter on quarter, including overall platform engagement as well as engagement with its key hubs.

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Admin hub updates

We’re introducing a few small but impactful improvements that will make your lives easier and widen your options. Check out the most recent updates below:

1. Set-up widget

We’ve updated our set-up widget to help both new and existing customers set up their Perkbox in the best possible way for their teams.

2. New integration

We’re now integrating with Mercer’s Darwin platform. Darwin users will now be able to seamlessly enter the Perkbox platform from within their Darwin benefits tab.

3. Invoices in-platform

You can now access your invoices via the Billing page on Admin hub.

Global Reward

Here are some new things within Global Reward: 

1. Group rewarding [now here!]

Rewarding multiple people at once? Check out this exciting update that allows you to reward up to 1000 employees in just minutes

2. Physical gifts

We’ve launched physical gift options in our Rewards catalogue in the UK — soon, we’ll be rolling them out globally too!


Other features

Here are some other features we’ve released in November: 

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